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Top 10 Content Writing Agencies in 2024 [Detailed Review]

Let's unravel a secret? Write blogs and post them, at least 16-a-month. You can expect, 3x traffic on your website in just 2 months. However, ensure those blogs are relevant to your niche, value adding, SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free. Seems difficult? Don't worry, we got you, read below!

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March 2, 2024

Content writing agencies across the world have now become a crucial extension of the marketing team of numerous companies, be they startups, enterprises, or small businesses. While content marketing, content writing, and SEO aren’t a sure-shot road to success (If not done correctly), we have compiled a list of a few content writing companies that are well-known in the market for their ability to ensure that your company reaches your yearly growth objectives. 

But first… Let’s see why outsourcing content writing agencies has recently increased.

Vaibhav Kishnani, founder and CEO of a top content writing agency, Content Whale, while describing how much time it takes to write a blog, said this: 

It is indeed a huge problem, and overall, content writing is a time-consuming task. Hence, we see a rise in outsourcing content writing agencies globally. According to a report by CMI, in 2020, 61% of marketers of large companies outsourced content marketing services, and the statistics increased to 75% by the following year. 

A recent study by AI Multiple suggests that by the year 2026, content marketing revenue will exceed $135 billion.

Content writing, content marketing, and SEO are nuanced of digital presence. Niel Patel, one of the finest digital marketers, in his video, explains about 7 essential skills that digital content writers need. Here’s the full video:

However, if you are not a writer yourself, outsourcing top content writing agencies is the best thing you can do instead of hiring an in-house team, at least when you are talking money. And why not? Because without the right content marketing strategy, it’s practically impossible for you to grow your business, considering your competitors are expanding their market share through content marketing and writing solutions and, most probably. And there is a very high chance that they are using one of the below-mentioned content writing agencies for their content marketing needs.

Top 10 best content writing agencies in the world:

  1. Content Whale
  2. Verblio
  3. HawkSem
  4. BKA Content
  5. ContentWriters
  6. Contently
  7. Scripted
  8. Write Right
  9. Pepper Content
  10. Express Writers

We have gone through various reviews that all these top content writing agencies have on their websites and reputable review and ratings platforms. And we have gone through their customer base, i.e., clients they have worked with. We have also gone through the services they provide and the industries they provide these services to. So, now let’s go through them in detail.

1. Content Whale – Affordable and High-Quality

Content Whale- top content writing agency in India

Founded in 2017, Content Whale is one of the most reliable content writing agencies in India. The writing agency has also collaborated with many big names, such as BCG, HSBC, and Thomas Cook internationally. Content Whale has been found to be remarkable in providing:

  • Industry-level content quality
  • Blazing-fast content delivery
  • Over-the-top customer support
  • Highly affordable content starting at just $0.04 per word

Content Whale’s top content writing services have helped over 3000 clients globally, with its major presence in India dominating the market. 

Content Whale's clientele

The company has 30+ content writing solutions to offer, aside from its graphic design services. Here are the top services offered by Content Whale:

  • Blog and article writing services
  • Product description writing services
  • Website content writing services/landing page writing services
  • Copywriting services
  • AI+Human scalable content services
  • The industry’s best SEO writing services
  • Graphic Design services such as Pitch Deck, A1 Pages, UI/UX, etc.

Throughout its life of around 6 years, Content Whale has grown from 5 writers in 2018 to now a team of 120+ senior editors and junior editors with a team of 20,000+ freelance SME writers to provide content of any type for any niche and any industry.

GoodFirms, a renowned review and ratings platform, mentioned Content Whale, among other notable companies, in their latest LinkedIn post, talking about Social media marketing tips, trends, and challenges.

Content Whale has been reviewed on major reviewing and ratings platforms, including GoodFirms.

Here are the ratings:

While countless testimonials are available on the internet about the services Content Whale offers, we would like to showcase the output that Content Whale’s content writing services helped its customers achieve. Here’s a testimonial that highlights the growth that you can bring to your company if you outsource your content writing requirements to Content Whale:

• “We struggled to get good conversions from our landing page but after partnering with Content-Whale for their copywriting services our sales improved. Their team researched our industry and showed us a new perspective that we were unaware of. Their writing really touched and persuaded our customers. This also helped us to create a brand in front of our targeted audience. They effectively handled bulk work and not only ensured timely deliveries but also delivered quality.”Pankaj Kumar, LIC India

Content Whale’s growth in just 6 years to become one of the top 3 content writing agencies has proven the capabilities it possesses. However, India is a price-sensitive market that has compelled Content Whale to design its services in such a way that it can compete with the top-tier content writing agencies while being affordable, and that is one of the best things about Content Whale!

2. Verblio – A Content Creation Platform

Verblio - one of the best content creation platform

Verblio, a content creation platform is based in Denver, CO. Founded in 2011, Verblio has been helping businesses and agencies across 40 different industries to create engaging and SEO-friendly content. Verblio is one of the top content writing agencies that combines humans and machines to make blog and content creation happen faster and cheaper as opposed to their 100% human-written content which starts at $48 per 300 words.

Verblio’s content writing services have helped over 1300 clients globally, with its major presence in the US. The company has various solutions to offer, such as managed service, enterprise content, or custom solutions. Here are the top services offered by Verblio:

  • Blog and content writing services
  • Professional web content
  • Video creation services
  • Ebooks and white papers
  • Newsletters and email marketing
  • Podcast show notes
  • Product descriptions and reviews

Verblio has a network of over 3000 U.S. based freelance writers, many of whom have been with the company for years. Verblio writers are talented, detail-oriented, professional content creators who have expertise in various niches and industries. Customers can choose the writers they like and request revisions until they are satisfied. 

Verblio has been featured on many reputable platforms, such as G2, SaasGenius, and Embarque.

Verblio’s G2 Ratings:

Verblio has also won several awards, such as the Mercury 100 awards. Verblio has many positive testimonials from its customers, who praise the quality, speed, and flexibility of its content writing services. Here is a testimonial that shows the impact that Verblio can have on your business:

• “Personally, I’ve liked the time it’s saved me and the quality of work that is produced and written. I can tell that the writers do research when they’re developing the content we need for our program.” — Josh B., Marketing Director

Going through all the details, it can be safe to say that Verblio is one of the top content writing agencies in the world.

3. HawkSem – A Digital Marketing Agency

HawkSEM - a full-service digital marketing agency

HawkSEM is a digital marketing agency that has been revolutionizing the world of online advertising since its inception in 2006. With its content writing vertical, HawkSEM is considered as one of the top content writing agencies globally. With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, HawkSem’s mission is to create integrated marketing strategies that significantly increase ROI and revenue over time. They are known for being market leaders and disrupters, focusing on delivering results rather than just clicks.

HawkSem’s services are designed to drive growth through ROI-boosting digital marketing programs for clients. They boast a 98% client retention rate, which speaks volumes about their effectiveness and client satisfaction. Their proprietary marketing technology, ConversionIQ™, ensures full-funnel attribution and delivers high-quality conversions, leading to an average of 4.5x return on investment for their clients.

The services offered by HawkSem include:

  • Paid search and social media advertising
  • Remarketing strategies
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization

With a team that loves working with market leaders, makers, and disrupters, HawkSem has earned a reputation among the top content writing agencies for thinking big and diving deep into their clients’ business models. They have been recognized as a Top 3% Agency by Google Premier Partners and have been voted one of the Best Places to Work.

HawkSem’s commitment to their client’s success is reflected in their impressive ratings:

Client testimonials highlight HawkSem’s ability to transform their digital marketing efforts:

• “We use our website as an educational resource for our consumers, so it’s important to have good content and a clean site to help pull them in. HawkSEM has been great! They are strategic as well as easy to work with.” — Representative, Momy’s Bliss

HawkSEM, being one of the best content writing agencies, continues to help businesses soar above the competition by delivering tailor-made marketing strategies that result in better ROI, revenue, and growth.

A recent blog posted on the HawkSEM website talks about the importance of Google’s SGE. This is what their SEO expert, has to say about it.

“As the SGE combines information from various sources to present answers to users,” explains DeGeorge, “if multiple pages from your website are consistently featured as primary sources in the SGE, your website is perceived as the most credible authority on that particular topic.” 

Alissa DeGeorge, SEO Manager, HawkSEM

Their approach to digital marketing and content writing is not just about generating traffic; it’s about creating meaningful connections that convert into loyal customers. As a digital marketing agency, HawkSEM is one of the finest. However, the company can also be put in the top 5 list of the best content writing agencies because of their exceptional content writing services. 

4. BKA Content – SEO Content Writing Company

BKA Content - SEO Content Writing Company

BKA Content, being one of the top content writing agencies, stands out in the SEO content services landscape for its commitment to driving better SEO results through expertly crafted content. With over 15 years of experience in the SEO content writing industry, BKA Content has honed a strategic, content-based approach that has served thousands of clients, ensuring their content is the backbone of successful SEO.

The content writing company boasts an impressive track record, with 80% of their SEO blog posts ranking, compared to the industry average of only 10-20%. Matt Secrist, Co-founder and current COO of BKA Content, shares the importance of blogging in one of his LinkedIn posts. Here’s what he said:

Many clients have witnessed a traffic increase of 8-15 times within just 90 days of utilizing BKA Content’s services. This is a testament to their effective strategies and the tangible results they deliver.

BKA Content’s suite of SEO services includes:

  • SEO Blog Writing Plans
  • High-Quality Link Building
  • On-Page SEO / Content Refresh
  • White Label Solutions for agencies and businesses

Their SEO Blog Writing Plans are particularly noteworthy for their ability to rank new keywords, increase traffic, and turn websites into valuable assets. Meanwhile, their white hat link-building tactics and on-page SEO services ensure that even hard-to-rank pages see a boost in their performance.

BKA Content also offers a free SEO Content Audit to help businesses maximize their results with the budget they have. This audit includes an SEO content analysis, identification of optimization opportunities, and ranking recommendations, all tailored to elevate a site’s content and increase traffic, leads, and sales.

With a client case study from CloudAgency, Inc., BKA Content’s impact is clear:

• “BKA Content’s affordable SEO services have been completely worth it. Of the 8900 keywords we rank for, 7400 of them are from the content marketing they’ve done for us!” — Janet. L, CloudAgency, Inc.

BKA Content’s expertise and proven solutions make it one of the top content writing agencies for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and achieve better SEO results. Their approach is transparent, results-driven, and focused on the best parts of SEO that drive long-lasting results the fastest.

5. ContentWriters – A Network of Specialized Writers

ContentWriters - A Network of Specialized Writers

Established in the heart of New York City in 2013, ContentWriters has emerged as a premier content writing service provider, becoming one of the top content writing agencies in US, catering to a diverse clientele across the globe. With a mission to deliver top-notch written content that propels companies’ growth strategies, ContentWriters has earned its place among the elite content agencies of the world. Here’s what distinguishes ContentWriters:

  • A Network of Specialized Writers
  • Scalable Content Solutions
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Purposeful Content Creation

With this type of business model, ContentWriters are able to provide mainstream services to clients. These include:

  • Blogs and Articles
  • Product Descriptions
  • Website Content
  • Press Releases and Social Media Posts

Client Testimonials and Industry Recognition:

ContentWriters has received positive feedback from clients, praising their ability to transform content strategies and increase engagement and conversions.

• “There are so many outlets to create content these days. We’re fortunate to have found a partner in ContentWriters that enables us to move quickly, trust their team to execute reliably, and publish great content.” — Michael Barber, Director of Marketing, Solv

The agency has been recognized as one of the top content writing agencies for its quality services with high ratings on various platforms:

With a primary focus on building authority through content, Emily O’Connor Kefs, CEO at ContentWriters, shared her insights in a Spotify podcast. Do listen if you’re curious:

For businesses looking to elevate their content marketing efforts, ContentWriters, among other top content writing agencies in this list offers a robust suite of services backed by a supreme network of writing talent, ensuring that the content not only meets but exceeds expectations.

6. Contently – A Content Marketing Agency

Contently - A Content Marketing Agency

Founded in 2010, Contently is a leading content marketing agency and one of the top content writing agencies based in New York City. Contently has partnered with top global brands, offering them a suite of services. Contently’s impact on businesses:

  • $13.1 million average annual content value ROI generated by enterprise customers.
  • 6x ROI on Contently investment.
  • An average of 40% audience growth within the first six months of using their platform.

Contently’s content marketing solutions have supported 1000s of clients worldwide, with a significant market presence in the United States. The company offers a wide range of content services in addition to its content strategy and analytics tools. Here are some of the key services provided by Contently:

  • Content creation
  • Editorial services
  • Multimedia content services
  • Content strategy and analytics tools

Over its 14-year history, Contently has expanded from a small startup to a robust team of content strategists, editors, and a network of over 100,000 freelance contributors specializing in various industries and content types.

Contently has been recognized for its excellence in content marketing, with mentions in industry publications and awards. The company has also received positive ratings on major review platforms:

Contently’s impact on its clients’ success is well-documented through numerous testimonials. Here’s one that showcases the value Contently brings to businesses:

• “The account team is exceptional. They focused on our key needs and brought in a managing editor that has built a stable of writer and producers we love. Our patients are spending an average of 2 minutes and 30 seconds on pieces and some of our highest performing pieces have generated close to five minute read times. We’re spinning up a second publication this year and we couldn’t be more excited.” — Keith B.,  VP Marketing

7. Scripted – Content Marketing Platform

Scripted - Content Marketing Platform

Established in 2011, Scripted has emerged as a leading provider of original written content. The content writing  company has collaborated with thousands of customers, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, through its carefully curated user-base of specialist writers. Scripted is recognized for its:

  • AI & Expert Writers
  • Scout – Scripted’s AI Assistant
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Flexible SEO Content Writing Services
  • End-to-End Content Marketing Platform

Scripted’s content writing services have catered to numerous clients globally, with a significant presence in the United States. The company offers a wide range of content writing solutions, along with its AI-powered writing platform. The company believes that AI is going to change how content creation works, as shown through one of their X (formerly known as Twitter) posts: 

AI-generated content can save businesses up to 60% of their content creation time ⏱️

Try our AI-powered content generation tools and expert human editors and see the difference it can make for your content marketing efforts

— (@getscripted) February 28, 2024

Being one of the top content writing agencies, they offers wide variety of services. Here are the top services offered by Scripted:

  • AI content writing
  • Blog posts
  • Web page content
  • Content tune-up/Content update
  • Keyword research
  • Content strategy
  • Scripted Analytics/Content Audit

Scripted’s content writing services have catered to numerous clients globally, with a significant presence in the United States. The company offers a wide range of content writing solutions, along with its AI-powered writing platform. Here are the top services offered by Scripted:

Scripted has been mentioned on various platforms, including Wikipedia, for its contribution to the content writing industry. The company has been reviewed on major reviewing and ratings platforms:

While there are numerous testimonials available on the internet about the services Scripted offers, we would like to highlight a testimonial that underscores the growth that you can bring to your company if you outsource your content writing requirements to Scripted:

• “It makes my work easier and gives me more time to do other things I appreciate the amount of availability there is in the different areas of content they offer. Much more creative than I am and they met all my deadlines. So far I haven’t had any issues but it is a bit pricey I think it makes sense but now with Chatgpt it’s hard to justify spending money on content at all.” — Anonymous Client, Professional Training & Coaching

Scripted continues to innovate in the field of content creation, merging AI with human expertise to provide quality content at scale. However, most clients’ only complaint is that they are a bit pricey.

8. Write Right – Academic Content Expert

Write Right - Academic Content Expert

Established by Bhavik Sarkhedi, who is officially recognized as one of the top Content Writers in the World by Google, Write Right is a leading content writing agency in India. The agency has had the privilege of working with numerous prestigious clients, both domestically and internationally.

Write Right is renowned for:

  • Academic writing solutions
  • Seasoned writers at the lowest costs
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Bhavik Sarkhedi (Because the name speaks volumes)

Write Right’s content writing services have benefited a multitude of clients worldwide, with a significant presence in India.

The founder, Bhavik, genuinely believes that digital marketing is the future, which he mentioned in one of his Forbes articles. He said:

“Content marketing sits under the umbrella of digital marketing sector. Cut to the chase, digital marketing is the future. The relevance of print media is clearly on the decline. Therefore, it’s vital to swim with the latest trends and I have always tried to stay in the competitive content marketing industry by helping brands and businesses digitally as a Content Consultant.”

– Bhavik Sarkhedi, Current CMO, Content Whale

Kritika Kanodia, current CEO of Write Right, talks about the dire need of academic content writing solutions, through her LinkedIn post, where she say:

The content writing agency offers a wide range of content writing solutions in addition to its Statement of Purpose (SOP) writing services. Here are the key services provided by Write Right:

  • Industry-leading academic writing solutions
  • Ghostwriting services for any niche
  • Blogs and article writing services
  • website content/landing page content

Over the years, Write Right has expanded its team of writers to cater to diverse content needs across various industries. The agency has received mentions from GoodFirms, a well-known review and ratings platform, among other notable companies.

Write Right has been reviewed on major reviewing and ratings platforms, including G2. Here are the ratings:

There are numerous testimonials available online about the services Write Right offers. Here’s a testimonial that underscores the growth that your company can achieve if you outsource your content writing requirements to Write Right:

• “Write Right helped me with one of my websites, consisting of 55 pages; their content is very well written, and we were impressed with the quality of the content. I will recommend Write Right to anyone in my contact for the quality and best content writing services. Kudos and Thanks!” — Divya S., Front-end Web Developer

9. Pepper Content – Human+AI Content Writing Agency

Pepper Content - Human+AI Content Writing Agency

Established as an AI-driven content marketing platform, Pepper Content is a one-stop solution for businesses aiming to create top-notch content and track its lifecycle. With its headquarters in Mumbai, India, Pepper Content has been instrumental in helping thousands of brands across India, the US, and other countries.

Pepper Content’s services have been trusted by over 2500 industry leaders globally. The company offers a wide range of content solutions, including SEO content, demand generation, and video content. Here are the top services offered by Pepper Content:

  • Content Strategy
  • AI-Powered Technology
  • Strategy Analysis and ROI
  • Expert-Led Talent
  • SEO content
  • Demand Generation
  • Video content
  • Peppertype.AI

Pepper Content has been successful in scaling content creation with on-demand expertise and generative AI. They have also managed to grow their organic presence and reduce dependence on paid channels with optimized content.

Pepper Content has been reviewed on major reviewing and ratings platforms. Here are the ratings:

While there are numerous testimonials available on the internet about the services Pepper Content offers, let’s hear what Shivam has to say about their experience:

• “The best thing about Pepper Content is that they have created a complete tool that assists me with all parts of content creation including Blogging, social media captions, google ad copies & so much more. The AI generator is quite amazing. I like where the product is heading. Although, I wasn”t too impressed by the SEO capabilities of Peppercontent” — Shivam A., Content Manager, AiSensy

10. Express Writers – Quality-Committed Content Writing Agency

Express Writers - Quality-Committed Content Writing Agency

Established in 2011, Express Writers is a reputable full-service content writing agency that has been delivering high-quality digital content for over a decade. The agency has served more than 5,000 clients and completed over 40,000 projects. With a team of 90+ writers and staff located throughout the U.S., Express Writers is equipped to meet your needs for high-quality content.

Express Writers is known for:

  • Commitment to high-quality content
  • In-depth research for each project
  • SEO optimization included in their writing
  • Managed and Self-service offerings

Express Writers offers a range of content writing solutions. Here are some of the top services offered by Express Writers:

  • Blog types – General, Authority, Specialty, Expert
  • Web pages
  • Content Strategy
  • Press releases and case studies

Over the years, Express Writers has grown significantly, with a team of experienced and industry-leading writers ready to provide content for any niche and any industry.

Express Writers has been reviewed on major reviewing and ratings platforms. Here are the ratings:

  • G2 – 4.5/5

There are numerous testimonials available online about the services Express Writers offers. Here’s a testimonial that highlights the quality of work you can expect when you partner with Express Writers:

• “Good thing about Express writers is they do in-depth research about the product when they have to write about it. They did several discussions with our developers, and in school marketing teams to provide the best content about our new service.” — Naga V., Software Engineer

Indeed all of these companies are top-of-the-line expert content writing agencies. Each with its own unique features and offerings. You can go through each writing agency’s reviews and testimonials to get an overview from afar.

However, if you really could decide on which one to approach, ensure that you evaluate the approach difficulty, time taken to respond, representative’s conviction and your very first project’s performance.

We wish you all the best and a successful future ahead! Thank you for being with us, and if you, after your rigorous research, decide to go with us, connect with Vaibhav directly through his LinkedIn, or you can share your requirements here


FAQs about B2B content writing agencies
Q. What are content writing agencies?

A. Content writing agencies, also known as content creation or copywriting services, provide professional writing services for various types of copy, including sales pages, advertisements, landing pages, and press releases. These companies help businesses communicate effectively with their audience through written content.

Q. How do content writing agencies work?

A. Content writing agencies collaborate with businesses to understand their needs and objectives. They assemble a team of skilled writers who create content tailored to the client’s requirements. Customers often receive a fixed number of revisions until they are satisfied with the final output.

Q. What services do content writing agencies offer?

A. Content writing agencies offer a range of services, including:

  • Blog Writing: Regular blog posts to engage and inform the audience.
  • Website Content: Crafting website pages, FAQs, and resource centers.
  • Social Media Posts: Short, snappy content for various platforms.
  • Newsletters and Emails: Unique content for existing customers.
  • Infographics: Combining visual elements with written content.

Q. How do content marketing and content writing differ?

  • Content Marketing: A long-term strategy to attract and engage prospective customers.
  • Content Writing: Focused on immediate action, such as encouraging product purchases.

Q. How can businesses choose the right content writing agency?

A. Consider factors such as expertise, industry experience, pricing, and client reviews. Look for companies that align with your specific content needs and goals.

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