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The lack of time and skills to curate quality product descriptions leads to poor content curation, adversely affecting your business. Having a full-time in-house writer is only sometimes a feasible solution. Our product descriptions at Content Whale are guaranteed to be cost-effective and appealing.

Product descriptions are marketing tools that businesses use to define and demonstrate the usefulness of a service or product. It provides all the information and details of your product on your ecommerce site, which can be through a sentence, a short paragraph, or a bullet point.

Illustrations are helpful but can’t convey what a product does and its use. Product descriptions improve your user experience. It lists the details needed to make an informed decision and helps your products compete against your competitors. The main objective of a well-written description is to increase sales and draw more leads while boosting your SEO rankings and organic traffic.

  • Lucidity
  • Characteristics and uses
  • Intricacy
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Optimisation for mobile phones
  • Quality graphics

Product descriptions are more than just a way to let your prospective customers know about your products or services. Product descriptions are golden opportunities to convince someone that your product is the solution they’ve been looking for. They help your website rank higher on search engines by using your product’s features as SEO keywords, raising your SERP rankings, and improving the overall user experience.

Content Whale's services are customised, and you have to pay only for the number of words the product description writer delivers. Our choice of product description writers is diverse and provides you with many knowledgeable writers across niches. Our team of writers is categorised based on their expertise, proficiency, and quality.

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