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A case study revolves around a problem that requires an individual or an organisation to examine, analyse, investigate, and provide an appropriate solution. Case studies are written for several purposes, such as business pitches, evaluated projects, assignments, and practical experiences. A case study is solved by reading a case thoroughly and analysing the given facts and circumstances for providing a solution to the given problem.

  • Illustrative Case Study
  • Exploratory Case Study
  • Cumulative Case Study
  • Critical Instance Case Study
  • Descriptive Case Study
  • Intrinsic Case Study.

Case studies are reports of an organisation's project or task execution for businesses. Case studies are real-world examples or samples of how a project got implemented, the problems, and the solutions offered. The organisation and external parties can use case studies to gain more information about the specific implementation that can also help guide decisions about similar projects.

Case studies are used in analysis and research to help us generate new ideas using methods that have all been tried and tested before. There are many ways of illustrating theories and helping show different angles of tackling problems effectively and finding feasible solutions.

Most business case studies feature the following sections: preface, business descriptions, problems, challenges, opportunities, solutions, results, conclusion, and CTAs. But outlines aren't just for traditional case studies. Use outlines to guide your infographic and video versions too.

Content Whale provides a pool of 500+ professional writers and editors at competitive rates. A good case study writing agency should provide you with such services. It will also help if you look for client feedback or background check for the agency to ensure the accountability and responsibility of the same.

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