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A newsletter is a simple, one-page email sent to customers periodically. Sometimes newsletters announce new posts on the business website or updates on the latest developments in your industry. A newsletter keeps the customers informed about all the details related to the business. They are used for branding purposes also.

Newsletters are informative and provide valuable information to customers which can be shared easily on social media or forwarded by email. They have the same features as a magazine or other publication. Newsletters build great relationships with clients, reach new ones, and help the readers learn more about the business and build trust in you. Publishing a regular newsletter makes the customer talk about your business.

To increase sales, drive website traffic, stay in touch with your customers, and close a deal, sending newsletters are essential. A small business with weekly sales should send a newsletter frequently to increase sales. Many international retailers organise email campaigns that make readers check their inboxes regularly. Frequent newsletters are needed to update your customers about new deals & offers and create a recall value for your business. Finding the correct time when customers open their emails is also essential since people usually check their emails when starting work.

These are the 5 essential elements of a great newsletter:
- Crisp content
- Story-telling
- Reader focus
- Call to Action (CTA)
- Design.

The type of your business, your target audience, and the frequency of emails play a major role in selecting the right content for your newsletter. It begins with a welcome message to have a friendly conversation with your customers to develop a stronger relationship with them. An informative and inspiring content having catchy subject lines & attractive CTAs follows that. It is better to send an email newsletter twice a month, as readers get at least two articles each month.

Categories of newsletters are categorised based on content:
- Reports
- E-mails
- Case studies
- Blogs
- User-generated emails
- Promotional emails
- Graphical newsletters
- Seasonal newsletters.

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