Top 15 Verified Content Writing Agencies in India Top-15-Verified-Content-Writing-Agencies-in-India-[2024-Edition]

Top 15 Verified Content Writing Agencies in India [2024 Edition]

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April 15, 2024

If you’re on the hunt for the top content writing agencies in India, you’ve landed in the right place. But let’s set one thing straight—it’s really tough to say for sure which agency is the absolute best. We could list even more companies, but that wouldn’t necessarily mean they are the top ones. Finding the best depends on a lot of different things, and what’s best for someone else might not be the best for you.

You might be wondering why this list matters and if you should even pay attention to it while searching for the right agency for you.

Here’s why we think this list is worth considering:

This list includes agencies that are known for their quality work, even if their approaches vary. It’s important to note that not every agency will meet every company’s needs, and the same is true in reverse. For instance, Content Whale often tries it best to fit every need hence, we provide 30+ content writing services across 16+ industries and their niches. However, it can happen that we might not align with every company’s requirements.

“When we notice a mismatch, we’re upfront about it, letting them know it won’t work out. Often, we’re asked about alternatives to Justwords and other reputable agencies worth considering.”

So, here’s the list of content writing companies in India that you should definitely check out.

Sometimes, whether you’re a startup, an SME, a large enterprise, a B2B company, or a B2C firm, you might not find one agency that perfectly fits your needs. But rest assured, there’s likely an agency on this list that’s just right for you.

Let’s dive right into the top players—those who have been in the game for years and come with proven teams and skill sets. By the end of this guide, you should be able to find your ideal content writing partner.

The Best 15 Content Writing Agencies in India [Verified for 2024]

1. Content Whale

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

Located in Mumbai and established by Vaibhav Kishnani in 2018, Content Whale has quickly risen to become one of the top three content writing agencies in India. Their deep understanding of what makes a digital presence successful has attracted a devoted clientele over time. We offer more than 30 types of content creation services, including article writing, blog posts, technical content, copywriting, and website content writing, alongside graphic design services.

With subject matter experts in various industry sectors, Content Whale is a preferred choice for many B2B and B2C companies when it comes to content writing. They are known for their fast turnaround, high quality, and cost-effectiveness, all thanks to their innovative operational methods.

2. LexiConn

Content Writing Agencies in India, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

Founded in 2009 in Mumbai, LexiConn stands as one of the oldest content writing agencies in India. Over the years, they have significantly expanded their client list, range of services, and overall presence. They cater to a diverse clientele across multiple industries, providing top-tier services such as web content writing, blog and article writing, product descriptions, content distribution, microlearning, and copywriting. LexiConn is ideal for those seeking an agency that values systematic processes, builds trust, and emphasizes collaborative content creation with its clients.

3. Pepper Content

Pepper Content is an excellent option for those looking for content writing agencies to produce content on a large scale. They provide a user-friendly content platform that allows you to outline your content needs, place an order, and have your content delivered efficiently. The content writing agency offers comprehensive services, spanning from content development to delivery, both within India and internationally. With expertise across a broad spectrum of industries, Pepper Content is well-suited for both small and large organizations. Initially starting with a modest team of writers and editors, they have significantly expanded their workforce to meet large-scale and time-sensitive content demands, making them a reliable choice for extensive content needs.

4. Text Mercato

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

Text Mercato is operated by a team of professionals who bring extensive experience to the content writing industry. For over eight years, they have successfully served top-tier international companies across various sectors including travel, retail, fashion, and real estate. The team at Text Mercato takes great pride in their meticulous attention to detail—whether it’s catching a misplaced comma, translating complex foreign phrases, or crafting the perfect sentence. This dedication makes them a standout provider in the content writing field.

5. Write Right

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

Established six years ago by Bhavik Sarkhedi, Write Right has carved out a reputation for excelling in various types of content writing services. This agency prides itself on three core principles: quality, adherence to deadlines, and addressing the specific needs of their clients. Their comprehensive approach to content creation, combined with a dedicated team of writers and a portfolio filled with prestigious clients, highlights the standout attributes of Write Right. They are particularly noted for their expertise in technical, advertising, marketing, non-technical, and SOP writing, making them a notable name among content writing companies in India.

6. Content Ninja

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

Based in Gurgaon, Content Ninja has carved out a niche as specialists in inbound marketing and content marketing. Since its inception by Shriya Garg and Mayank Gulati in 2016, the agency has been dedicated to tackling complex marketing challenges. They dive deep into a brand’s domain, grasp the nuances of the industry, and craft strategic marketing initiatives tailored to captivate the target audience. Their focus is particularly strong on innovative products, challenging markets, and distinctive strategies, catering especially to high-tech businesses, niche audiences, and B2B sectors.

7. Brandstory

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

Founded by Bala Kumaran in 2014 in Bengaluru, Brandstory has dedicated itself to the art of content marketing by delivering in-depth, meticulously researched content that captivates and interacts with customers. Specializing in creating content that not only attracts readers but also generates leads, Brandstory focuses on capturing the visitor’s attention and reinforcing a positive brand image through effective content marketing strategies. They cater to a diverse range of sectors including government organizations, corporate entities, real estate, education, IT, software, and SMEs, making them a versatile choice for various content needs.

8. Coffeegraphy

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

Originating from a shared passion for writing among three founders in 2011, Bengaluru-based Coffeegraphy offers a comprehensive suite of over 20 writing services. They specialize in sectors such as e-learning, e-commerce, real estate, IT, travel and tourism, as well as fashion and lifestyle. The agency is committed to producing original, SEO-optimized content that not only engages but also faithfully represents the essence of a business. Their offerings range from web content and e-commerce product descriptions to technical writing and case studies, always with a focus on originality and search engine visibility.

9. Scatter

Scatter launched in February 2015, marking its debut as India’s first content marketplace and quickly establishing itself as one of the premier content marketing platforms. They have collaborated with various clients to enhance brand awareness and audience engagement through innovative distribution and influencer strategies. Scatter also provides three key products that aid in content workflow management, digital asset management, and content recommendation. They support organizations in amplifying their content production and managing digital assets through a combination of strategic content planning, compelling storytelling, and a suite of unique marketing technology solutions.

10. Das Writing Services

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

Das Writing Services, established by Subhodip Das in 2011 and based in Kolkata, excels in producing a diverse array of content types while also serving an international clientele. Over the past decade, they have cultivated a robust client base by delivering high-quality content to both small and large businesses. If you’re in Kolkata and need any type of writing services—be it articles, blogs, website content, technical product pages, social media content, creative writing, or copywriting—DWS is a name to consider. A unique selling point of theirs is their expertise in creating voice-optimized content, which is increasingly important in today’s digital landscape.

11. Wordplay Content

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

Established by Neil Krishna in 2010 in Bengaluru, Wordplay Content operates with a fully virtual team, offering flexibility and a wide range of services tailored to meet diverse content requirements. Whether it’s crafting engaging product descriptions, business blogging, copywriting, SEO content, infographics, or specialized subject matter content, Wordplay Content is equipped to deliver. With an expert team of editors and writers, they uphold high standards of service, ensuring quality content delivery no matter your location.

12. Italics

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

Since its inception in 2005 by Harsh Vardhan Dutta in Delhi, Italics has been delivering high-quality content in various formats to clients worldwide. Their expertise includes website content writing, article writing, promotional content, and newsletters. Italics serves a diverse clientele ranging from IT and travel to telecom, hospitality, media, and entertainment. Their success is built on a foundation of extensive experience, competence, flexibility, and adaptability, making them a trusted partner in content creation.

13. Justwords

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

Among the plethora of content writing agencies in India, JustWords distinctly stands out. Founded over 12 years ago by Payel Mukherjee, a content marketing specialist, JustWords was born from the desire to help companies easily source high-quality content at scale. Over the years, JustWords has garnered multiple awards and has been consistently recognized by Clutch as a leader in the content industry. Their expertise spans a wide range of verticals with clients in finance and fintech, SaaS and technology, healthcare, e-commerce, manufacturing, energy, education, lifestyle, and travel, among others. Operating in both B2B and B2C content marketing spheres, JustWords excels by integrating superb content with SEO to drive relevant traffic, generate leads, and achieve significant ROI.

14. WittyPen

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

WittyPen was launched by Anshul Motwani in November 2015 in Pune and quickly established itself with a team of vetted freelance writers and editors. Leveraging technology and their in-depth understanding of content marketing, WittyPen addresses every B2B content requirement effectively. Over the past seven years, they have worked with a wide array of clients and managed substantial bulk content projects across different sectors globally. WittyPen specializes in producing various content formats, including blogs, articles, guest posts, website copy, press releases, and other marketing materials, demonstrating their versatility and expertise in the field.

15. Raga Designers

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

Raga Designers began as a website designing agency in January 2010, founded by Pandi Ganesan, and has evolved to include specialists in both technical and non-technical writing. Now recognized as one of the leading content writing firms in Chennai, they have catered to over 300 customers with their approachable and dedicated team. For those looking for content solutions in Chennai, Raga Designers offers a reliable and enthusiastic service tailored to meet various content needs.

So, there you have it – The top 15 content writing agencies in India with a brief overview. But from all of these content writing agencies, how would you select?

How to Choose among the Best Content Writing Agencies in India in 2024?

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

Choosing the best content writing company in India can be quite the challenge, especially with new agencies popping up regularly, each offering services similar to the last. It’s crucial to recognize that no single company can meet every client’s unique needs perfectly.

Each client comes with distinct requirements, and while many content writing companies may excel in similar areas, each one has its own areas of expertise as well.

So, how do you select an agency that will truly deliver the best writing services for your needs? Here’s a straightforward checklist to guide you:

1. Affordability

It all starts with the requirement but in a certain budget. You are always restricted to how much financial resources you can align to content writing agencies and then ensure that you get the maximum ROI. Although, when it comes to the cost of content writing services, there’s no clear-cut right or wrong. Often, there’s a direct correlation between cost and quality, though this isn’t always the case. That’s why considering an agency’s reputation and experience is also crucial.

Agencies may vary significantly in their pricing. Some might charge premium rates, while others may offer more budget-friendly options. Remember, quality writing and content creation come with a price. Top-tier agencies invest in skilled writers, strategic planners, editors, and designers, so substantial discounts might not always be feasible.

If you’re working with a tight budget, be prepared to handle aspects like detailed research on your own to cut down costs. Alternatively, you could consider hiring a reputable agency for high-priority content strategy and premium outputs, and seek more affordable agencies for less critical content tasks. The quality may vary, but this approach allows you to balance cost without compromising too heavily on important content pieces. As far as we are concerned, Content Whale’s pay-per-word starts at Rs. 1.5 all the way upto Rs. 3.5, depending on the SEO expertise required. Content quality is something we consider a basic need. Hence, we provide top-notch content quality at all rates.

2. Industry Exposure

A common question from potential clients is, “Have you worked in our industry?” This is a completely valid concern. Partnering with an agency that has experience across various industry verticals offers significant advantages. Such agencies bring a pre-existing understanding of the industry’s dynamics, effective strategies, and competitive benchmarks.

With their industry knowledge, they can easily identify the most impactful keywords, essential topics that need coverage, and understand the competitive landscape to devise ways to surpass it. Of course, the underlying strategies might be similar across different sectors, but a good agency, equipped with strong research capabilities and a talented team of writers, can effectively adapt and deliver tailored content that hits the mark.

3. Industrial Experience

Experience is invaluable. An agency that has weathered various market conditions over the years typically makes fewer mistakes. They’ve learned the ins and outs of the industry, including how to remain at the forefront, hire the best talent, and deliver top-quality work. Their longevity and position at the top are testaments to their hard work and excellent service.

Experience also brings a certain kind of wisdom that only time can teach—like knowing what really deserves focus. Sure, everyone understands the importance of a solid content strategy and SEO, but not all agencies have mastered how to effectively implement these aspects. While experience isn’t everything, it definitely provides a significant edge.

4. Content and SEO Expertise

It’s really important to choose a content writing agency with a robust understanding of both content creation and SEO. Without SEO knowledge, an agency won’t be able to produce content that ranks well on search engines or attracts significant traffic. SEO expertise is essential not only for optimizing content but also for structuring it to enhance its visibility and ranking potential.

Knowledge of SEO, alongside content strategy and distribution, is fundamental for ensuring content performance. The top content agencies in India often double as content marketing agencies. They possess the expertise to select the right topics, craft effective content structures, improve SEO scores, and employ elements that boost content performance.

Opting for an agency that excels in content marketing is advantageous. Such agencies are more likely to produce content that resonates with your target audience and meets search engine criteria, effectively supporting your marketing objectives and business goals.

5. Hold on a Niche

Many content writing agencies claim to be jacks of all trades, but the real question is whether they can truly deliver on all fronts. When seeking a content writing agency, it’s advisable to choose one that specializes and focuses specifically on content creation or content marketing rather than one that primarily deals with website development and offers content services as an add-on.

Opting for a content writing agency with a clear focus on content is generally a safer bet. Such agencies are likely to have invested more time in recruiting skilled writers and developing their expertise in content strategies. This focus ensures that they are better equipped to deliver high-quality content that meets the specific needs and expectations of their clients.

6. Market Reputation

We mentioned above that Content Whale is one of the top three content writing agencies in India. This is because of our market reputation, the number of reviews and the trust that our clients have on us. Hence, while choosing a content writing agency, you need to ensure that they themselves have a significant online presence. This simply gives you a proof of concept and the proof of their own work. If they are able to outshine the competitors through their services, pricing, customer trust, etc. then they most probably will be the right choice for you.

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

There may not be a definitive “best” content writing agency, and this compilation for sure isn’t intended as a ranking. We’ve assembled a list of content writing companies that, to varying degrees, could be considered among the top content writing agencies in India. Each offers exemplary content writing services, but the suitability largely depends on your specific requirements. What might be ideal for one company may not suit the needs of another. Regardless of your business type, there’s a content agency out there that can meet your needs.

If you’re on the quest for content writing services, we hope this list has simplified the process of narrowing down your options, making it easier to choose a partner agency that aligns with your goals and can collaborate effectively with you.

Content Writing Agencies, content writing companies in India, content writing services India

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a content writing agency in India?

When selecting a content writing agency in India, consider factors such as the agency’s experience, industry exposure, specialization in content marketing, understanding of SEO, and cost relative to the quality of services provided.

How do specialized content writing agencies in India enhance SEO performance?

Specialized content writing agencies in India boost SEO performance by crafting well-structured, keyword-optimized content that aligns with Google’s guidelines, thus improving content visibility and driving organic traffic to your website.

Can industry experience of content writing companies impact the quality of content delivered?

Yes, the industry experience of content writing companies can significantly impact the quality of content delivered. Agencies with specific industry knowledge are more likely to produce relevant, accurate, and engaging content that resonates with the target audience.

What are the benefits of hiring a content writing agency focused on content marketing in India?

Hiring an agency focused on content marketing in India offers benefits like strategic content planning, tailored content that supports marketing objectives, and enhanced engagement through expertly written content that caters to both the audience’s needs and SEO requirements.

How does the cost of content writing services in India compare to the quality provided?

In India, the cost of content writing services often correlates with quality. Investing in higher-priced services usually means better quality content due to experienced writers and more strategic content development, though it’s important to evaluate each agency’s value proposition to ensure it matches your budget and quality expectations.

What should I look for in a content writing agency’s portfolio when selecting one in India?

When reviewing a content writing agency’s portfolio in India, look for diversity in content types, expertise across various industries, proven results in content performance such as SEO rankings and engagement metrics, and testimonials from clients that highlight the agency’s capabilities and reliability.

How do content writing agencies in India stay updated with the latest SEO and content marketing trends?

Top content writing agencies in India stay updated by regularly training their staff, attending industry conferences, participating in content marketing and SEO webinars, and subscribing to leading digital marketing publications. This continual learning helps them implement the latest strategies in client projects.

Can content writing agencies in India provide services to international clients?

Yes, many content writing agencies in India offer services to international clients. They are equipped with skilled writers who can adapt content for different cultural nuances and SEO requirements, making them versatile partners for global content strategies.

What is the average turnaround time for a content project with an Indian writing agency?

The average turnaround time for a content project with an Indian writing agency varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. However, many agencies offer flexible timelines that can be adjusted to meet urgent deadlines, typically ranging from a few days for simple articles to several weeks for larger content campaigns.

How do I measure the ROI of hiring a content writing agency in India?

To measure the ROI of hiring a content writing agency in India, track metrics such as increases in organic traffic, improvements in search engine rankings, engagement rates (like shares, comments, and likes), lead generation numbers, and conversion rates from content-driven initiatives. Also, assess the quality and relevance of the content produced in relation to your strategic goals.

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