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Do you think AI content writing tools can replace you?

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” – Robert Frost.
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As we advance in the technological world, AI content writing tools are becoming a real part of our daily requirements. Tools like ChatGPT have already created a lot of buzz in the market as a better option for basic content writing than humans.

Certainly, AI content writing tools are greatly influencing writing jobs across industries. These tools make your work far more efficient, saving a lot of your time. But the question is, can AI tools for writing replace skilled and experienced human writers?

The answer is a big NO, but only “if”.

Many digital marketers already use AI content writing tools for their content requirements. AI tools are very fast and create content in just a few seconds. These can also write decently accurate content and therefore have become a topic of discussion among many.

Your concern is valid, but let’s see what you possess that AI can never have.

What actually is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is merely a computing machine trained on unimaginable data produced throughout history and the present age. 

It does perform those repetitive tasks better than us, which require a lot of time and effort when done by us, but functionality is limited to the given training. You can reckon a time when computers were created, and they could perform complex calculations in a few minutes, which even the smartest of humans had to take hours to do.

Even though AI has its own logical algorithm to take decisions on a given task but for it, the sky is the limit. Let’s see how AI content writing tools create content.

How does AI work to create content?

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In its current state, AI tools for writing cannot work independently, and it requires human involvement. You need to give specific and detailed instructions to AI tools to write content. 

The current AI content writing tools work on the following two technologies:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Natural Language Generation (NLG)

NLP, on the one hand, is responsible for understanding the instructions; NLG, on the other hand, helps AI to create natural and human-like text. Both technologies can be integrated into the AI content writing tools, but some AI tools, as per their usage, are designed to use one of the technologies for creating content. AI tools like ChatGPT can be trained to produce human-like ideas, creativity, and tonality, but it is all limited to the training given to them. 

The biggest limitation of AI content writing tools or any AI tools is that they can only grow on the content fed to them. For example, Ryan Reynolds showcased the power of AI by asking ChatGPT to write a mint mobile advertisement in his voice and tonality. The result was perfect. How it worked is basically using the NLP algorithm, it first learned about Ryan Reynold’s speech, tonality, and voice. Then using NLG, it produced similar content. 

You might think, isn’t that concerning? 

To answer this, let’s understand what happened. When ChatGPT was being developed, it got trained on the already produced content about Ryan Reynolds, and it figured out some patterns in his voice, speech, and tonality to create such content. The key phrase here is “already produced content”. As mentioned before, AI tools for writing in their current state have the sky as its limit, set by their developers who can constantly train them to make them better for the content released to the public but cannot train it for new ideas or original thoughts.

We hope you have a brief idea of how AI content writing tools work and produce content.

Now, let’s discuss why it can or cannot replace humans.

Why can’t AI tools replace human writers?

AI-driven SEO also involves some ethical considerations and challenges, such as the quality, transparency, and accountability of the AI systems and processes.

We have established that AI content writing tools use automated or manually fed information to generate content, and it does not have any thought intelligence, which we can do, and more.

Readers connect with human written content more than that AI tools for writing creates which is because of the human touch in the content.

Let’s look at the key differences between them:

  • Originality.

Content writers write new, original, and sometimes opinionated content because we have true thought processes and ideation capabilities, and thus, we can produce content that connects, feels personal, and engages. Whereas AI content writing tools rely on their training, and based on that, they can understand emotions to some extent creating a limitation. Note that they can only create content from their limited data set but no original content.

They gather necessary information from their data set and, through logical combination, generate grammatically correct but unoriginal content, which becomes monotonous and lacks the capability to engage readers. If the readers do not relate to the content, they will not read it. It is where human writers take a step ahead.

Human writers can write unique, personalized content for readers. They can add their personal views and give examples so the reader feels connected and stays glued to your content, thereby increasing traffic.

  • Contextual meaning

While AI tools for writing can be trained to understand sensitive information such as political issues, racism, sexism, etc., they can only understand it through their limited capabilities. We can always rely on human writers to write on sensitive topics, as emotional understanding is beyond the scope of AI language models.

  • Google’s role in promoting AI-generated content

Even though Google’s search engine’s current capability can understand if the content is AI-generated or not, it sometimes does allow AI-generated content to rank higher in the search results. Google’s main goal is to promote high-quality content, and it doesn’t care about who or what delivers it. However, here comes the part of SEO and how it helps you create far better content than the one that AI tools for writing creates.

AI-generated content is mostly monotonous and lacks human touch and originality. At first, the content can rank higher because of its well on-page optimization, but because it is incapable of holding the viewers for a longer period, gradually, the content will lose its authority and will drift off from the ranking page. While human-written content has that depth and uniqueness, it will do a far better job in the long run. 

Therefore, relying on AI for content creation to increase traffic and rank higher on the search engine page will not be the smartest idea that you can have.

  • AI dataset itself

AI content writing tools leverage their dataset to generate content that can feel original but is curated through complex logical permutation and combination processes with the already fed data produced originally by a human writer. 

In the case of ChatGPT, its dataset is limited to all the information provided till 21st September 2021 as of now. However, Google’s Bard takes real-time data from the internet to produce results. So, in its current technological state, AI content writing tools can only generate unoriginal content, even if they are using real-time data.

  • Specific instructions

AI tools for writing can write in just a few seconds, but it will require you to give clear instructions to curate accurate content. Experienced writers, on the other hand, have the capability to understand the objective from relatively smaller pieces of information to curate accurate, personalized, and engaging content as per the requirements.

Human skills that AI can never replace

types of content writing

Humans have certain unique skills that AI tools for writing can never replace. AI content writing tools in their current state do not have their own thought process and growth capabilities on their own. They rely on human-produced data to be able to grow and learn more. 

Let’s look at a few differences in skills between AI and human intelligence:

  • In-depth thinking

While AI is good at producing faster results based on the available data, humans are good at thinking and creating original ideas. 

The human mind possesses deep analysis of a topic through the thought process, figuring out possible solutions for a certain problem and executing them. The execution part also requires in-depth thinking and curating new ideas which may or may not be inspired by existing execution strategies.

  • Creativity

Creativity is one of the most important skills that AI tools for writing can never replace. Humans possess the skill of creativity, producing new ideas, which sometimes can be out-of-the-box. AI is limited to its dataset, even if it is as gigantic as the world wide web. Throughout history, humans have been coming up with newer methods to solve problems, refine processes and revolutionize industries and our lives.

It has been debated whether AI will become self-aware to have its own creative thinking capabilities, but that is a long way still we are not sure of.

  • We understand each other better

Though AI is phenomenal in solving complex problems, it cannot create emotionally critical content. The reason influencers have a huge following is because of their relatability. A human can only relate to another human. They can understand and feel each other’s state of reality and connect with them on an emotional level.

Machines cannot understand others’ emotions, as they do not feel any emotions. Therefore, when AI generates content, the audience cannot connect with it.

  • Leadership  

Leadership requires originality, a blend of knowledge, and the ability to understand emotions more deeply. It is quality humans possess, as they regularly improve through their personal thinking capability and nature. They can perform inspiring tasks and can motivate or direct others to achieve their goals. 

We can inspire each other to do better, and as a content writing company, we always motivate our writers to write 100% original content with as much creativity as needed to achieve a certain goal.

  • Adaptability

Humans can adapt to changing needs very quickly. Machines can be experts in a particular task, but they can never adapt to changing needs of their surroundings like humans. And in today’s world, you need to catch up with the fast-moving world to stay updated quickly.

Every client will have different requirements for their website, and humans can adapt to those changes. However, you need to give instructions to AI for each changing need, and they will still not be able to create high-quality content.

Technologies, data, statistics, etc., are changing every day. Therefore you can not rely on AI as you need to adapt to the change instantly.

  • Communication skills

We would agree that AI content writing tools can write in multiple languages and translate one language into another, but communication is a skill set they do not possess. Communication requires adaptability that we already established that AI tools don’t have. Every conversation is unique, as every person is different. AI content writing tools are found to have patterns of writing which they follow throughout their content creation process, which can be easily detected through AI-detection softwares. 

Communication is a creative process of understanding each individual and conveying your message efficiently so that it can connect with their psyche. AI’s communication technique is very generic and doesn’t provide that depth in its words to generate an emotional connection.

  • Decision-making skills

Humans possess an important skill of decision-making. They possess the ability to give genuine opinions based on their own values, thoughts, and morals. While AI content writing tools can not paint a clear picture of a particular issue, Humans have the ability to be decisive and write about it.

The general public or the target audience follows influencers due to the fact that they can give their opinions and make decisions on certain aspects of the current situations and thus give off a personality view that they can relate to and admire.

How can AI assist you in writing better content?

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Now that we have concluded that AI content writing tools can never replace human writers. Let’s see how we can benefit from a mutual relationship with them.

For example, Grammarly assists you in proofreading and editing. Proofreading is exhausting and time-consuming, but using Grammerly can significantly reduce your workload by instantly going through your content and suggesting necessary changes.

However, you should keep this in mind to carefully make the suggestion Grammarly gives, as it can be wrong sometimes. You need to review those suggestions and decide where to incorporate changes and vice versa.

While AI tools for writing such as Grammarly can assist you, they can never replace you as they work on logic, but sometimes creativity is more important than logic. Proofreaders and editors can make use of Grammarly to improve efficiency in their work to be more productive. 

Let’s understand a few benefits that AI offers:

  • Content planning

AI tools can help human writers to analyze any topic they are writing about. The data you get from the AI content writing tools will help you prepare the outlines for your content quickly.

  • Content assessment

AI content writing tools can assist you in editing and proofreading your content, making you more efficient. It can also help you with checking if the written content is plagiarism-free so that your produced content is authentic and original to its very core. It can also provide various insights, such as readability, engagement capability, and effectiveness of the content.

  • SEO optimization

You can extensively and smartly use AI to research which keywords can make your content rank higher on the search engine result page. As keywords play a vital role in content creation, using keywords appropriately in your content will help increase traffic on your website organically.

What are the cons of using AI tools for writing content?

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You know that AI can not replace human writers, and the reasons are stated above. However, you should think twice if you are still using AI-generated content. Why? Here are a few disadvantages of using AI content writing tools strictly when writing the content instead of using it as an assistant.

  • Poor quality and inaccurate content

You can not depend on the content generated by AI content writing tools as they do not maintain consistency. The writing pattern, tonality, etc., might vary every time you generate new content, which is not good for your website.

And it would be best if you never forgot that AI is a machine that can commit mistakes or generate wrong content. It could also be that the AI software misunderstands the description you gave. Therefore, blindly relying on AI-generated content can convey the wrong information to your readers.

That is where humans play a vital role. They can check the content and understand what the readers expect from them.

  • AI content writing tools lack the human touch.

Human writers know about the topics that can trigger readers’ sentiments, like cultural and language differences, etc. So, they write content keeping in mind that no reader’s sentiments get hurt or no one finds the content offensive.

However, AI does not understand the reader’s emotions. It just gathers the information and compiles it to generate content. This content can sometimes be offensive and hurt the reader’s emotions.

  • AI might generate plagiarized content and violate copyrights.

As stated above, AI content writing tools use the already existing content on the web. It generates the content using the same tonality, phrases, or sentences used in the published content. Because of this, the chances of plagiarized content or violating some content’s copyright increases.

Therefore, you cannot depend upon AI-generated content as it can give you plagiarized and outdated content. Human-written content is more reliable and trustworthy.

Different ways to be prepared for the future with AI writing

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We know that AI will not replace humans any time soon, but you can prepare yourself to adapt AI tools for writing. Below are a few ways to prepare yourself for a future with AI content writing tools.

  • Accept the advancement in technologies and AI tools

You all must have heard the phrase that Change is the only constant. You cannot ignore AI content writing tools and technologies; you can use them for your work.

Many people do not like the use of AI tools in their content. But you cannot ignore AI tools; you should use them for ideas, content outlines, spelling checks, etc.

You can create high-quality content and rank higher on the search engine result page when you work smartly using AI tools.

  • Strengthen your skills

As discussed above, humans possess many skills to be ahead of AI content writing tools. However, every person does not have to possess every skill. If you feel you are not that strong with some of the skills, strengthen your skills and be prepared for the future. Some of the skills include the following:

  • Brainstorming

  • Innovative ideas and Creativity

  • Adaptability and many more

  • Keep up with the trend.

Even if you are against using AI content writing tools, keep yourself updated about the latest advancements.

If you do not know about it, you will never be able to prepare well enough to stay ahead. Moreover, nobody likes being outdated. You have to know and learn everything about the advancements in the world.


Real-time SEO adaptations with AI can help SEO

To conclude, AI tools for writing are not going to replace human writers anytime soon. When AI was first introduced in the market, people were excited about it, but there was also a feeling of fear. It was because people did not know anything about AI content writing tools and thought it would replace human writers. But AI can never replace that human touch, that expertise in writing and creating original ideas. When we at Content Whale write and create content, we think about the different ways of creating the content, not for the sake of just creating it, but to make sure that the content delivers its desired objective keeping in mind the target audience.

However, you must understand that the world is moving quickly today, and nobody can afford to stay outdated. This technological improvement is surely making life easier and saving a lot of time. That is why using AI tools as an assist makes you efficient and productive. For example, we have been integrating AI into our research process for even better efficiency in terms of delivering content faster than ever without compromising on quality. 

And for you, AI can help plan, prepare outlines, search keywords, edit content etc. However, your audience can only connect to the content, which has depth and that magical human touch. Apart from these crucial aspects, Content Whale’s expert content writing services generate effective content in terms of their objective and deliver desired results. If you need professional content writing services, please contact us by clicking here, or if you want to have an idea about our quotations, please use our price calculator and reach out to us for better-personalized pricing.

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