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Does Google Rank AI Content?

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Yes, Google Rank AI content as long as it complies with all the ranking requirements.

Google rank AI content if it meets the following criteria:

  • It is high-quality, meaning it is well-written, informative, original, and engaging.
  • It is relevant, meaning it matches the user’s search intent and query.
  • It is clear and concise, meaning it directly answers the user’s question in a paragraph, list, or table format.
  • It is optimized, meaning it follows the Google Search Essentials guidelines and uses keywords, headings, and structured data.

AI is transforming the world of content creation. From generating catchy headlines to writing engaging articles, AI-powered tools are becoming more capable and accessible. But how does Google view AI-generated content? Does AI-generated content rank well on the search engine results pages (SERPs)? 

This blog is an attempt to show that Google rank AI content. Below is the Copyleaks report of this blog’s AI-generated content:

Does Google Rank AI Content | Does AI content rank on Google | How to find if a content is AI generated?

If our AI + Human content writing technique is implemented correctly, this AI-generated blog will rank on the first page, and possibly feature a snippet. And to back our claim if Google rank AI content even more, we will show you all of our AI content that are already ranking on Google.

Unveiling the Unreal - Google Ranks AI Content!

Here’s a recent example of how AI-generated content rank on Google. Search ‘Travel Website Content Tips’ on Google and the first result you will see is an AI-generated blog. Fascinating, right?

Does AI Content Rank on Google | Does Google Rank AI Content | AI Content that ranks on Google Example | Example of Google Ranking AI content

But how did we achieve that? Does Google rank AI Content that is purely AI-generated? Or you will need some human touch, to ensure all 200 Google’s quality guidelines and policies, such as the Google Search Essentials (Formerly known as Webmaster Guidelines), the Content Policies, and the E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) criteria. 

Let’s see what Google really wants.

Google’s Stance on AI Content

Being the most popular and influential search engine in the world, with over 90% of the global market share, Google’s main goal is to provide the best possible user experience and the most relevant and useful information to its users. To achieve this, Google has a set of guidelines and standards that content creators must follow to rank well on its SERPs.

Google’s position on AI-generated content is that Google rank AI content as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • It is clearly disclosed to the users that the content is AI-generated.
  • It is not deceptive, misleading, or harmful to the users or the public.
  • It complies with Google’s quality guidelines and policies, such as the Google Search Essentials, the Content Policies, and the E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) criteria. (Emphasizing this, again!)

If the content follows the above guidelines, Google rank AI content generated by you. Quality, relevance, and user experience are the key factors that determine the ranking of any content, whether it is human-written or AI-generated. However, Google updates its algorithms periodically to address any issues, loopholes or changes in the web environment.

Some of the recent Google algorithm updates that may affect AI content ranking are:

  • BERT – An NLP model that helps Google understand the natural language and context of the user’s queries and the content on the web pages.
  • Rankbrain – A Machine learning system that uses artificial intelligence to improve search results and interpret new queries.
  • Core Web Vitals – A set of metrics that measure the loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability of the web pages.
  • Passage Ranking – A feature that helps Google identify and rank individual passages within a web page that are relevant to the users’ queries.

So, to answer, if Google rank AI content, if your AI-generated content passes all of the above tests, it will rank.

Can I Generate SEO-Optimized Content Using AI?

No. You can’t generate SEO-optimized content using AI. At least, not right now. You still need human expertise who will ensure the AI-generated content meets the E-A-T guidelines and other factors responsible for ranking and strengthening your objective of Google ranking your AI content.

Why Did You Say Google Rank AI Content?

Google rank AI-generated content if it is well-optimized for SEO and follows the above-mentioned guidelines. Thus, it requires SEO experts to optimize the AI-generated content for SEO, in order to ensure that Google rank your AI Content. However, the content generation part, which is almost 70% of the whole task, can still be completed using AI. Then, you can use some AI tools to optimize for SEO faster:

  • Content Generation – AI can help generate high-quality and relevant content, which is one of the biggest criteria for ranking and SEO.
  • Content Optimization – Various tools out there can help find out the right keywords, where to put them in the content and what else may be remaining.
  • Content Analysis – AI may not produce SEO-optimized content but it sure can analyze your content based on the SEO guidelines.

Can I now Post the SEO-Optimized AI-Generated Content?

Does AI content rank on Google | How do you SEO optimize AI content to rank on Google | SEO optimized AI Content | Does Google Rank AI Content

Wait! Address the following issues to ensure Google rank your AI content:

  • Content Duplication – AI content may be duplicated or plagiarized from other sources, which can harm the originality and uniqueness of the content and result in lower ranking or penalties from Google. Ensure check for plagiarism.
  • Content Inaccuracy – AI content may contain factual errors, grammatical mistakes, logical inconsistencies, or irrelevant information, reducing the credibility and trustworthiness of the content and the website. Edit and proofread the content.
  • Content Ethics – AI content may violate the ethical standards or the legal regulations of the content industry, such as privacy, consent, attribution, etc. Check thoroughly.

Therefore, AI content must be carefully checked and verified for quality, accuracy, and originality before publishing or using it for SEO purposes. If at all any of above said factors are not handled correctly, your content will not rank on Google.

What are You Saying, Then? Google Ranks AI Content or Not?

AI content ranks on Google, but only it is properly humanized and optimized for SEO. To be accurate, AI + Human Content ranks on Google. If you only use AI, there is a high chance that it may not work out due to compliance issues. If you are using only human resource, then it will take time (Comparatively, a lot!). And you know, time is money.

Here’s how we did it.

Content Whale’s AI-Gen Blog Examples That Rank

Here are some of our best blogs that are AI+Human and rank:

1) 10 Beauty Marketing Geniuses in the History of Beauty Industry

Does Google Rank AI Content | Does AI Content Rank on Google | AI written Blog example | Ai written blog that ranks examples | Google ranking AI blog example
Does Google Rank AI Content | Does AI Content Rank on Google | AI written Blog example | Ai written blog that ranks examples | Google ranking AI blog example
Best SEO content writing services for you in 2024
Google Ranks AI written article examples | Example of AI written article that ranks on google | Does Google Rank AI content | Does AI content rank on Google

5) A Guide to Content Writing for Travel Companies (Although this one was paraphrased.)

Does Google Rank AI Content | Does AI Content Rank on Google | AI written Blog example | Ai written blog that ranks examples | Google ranking AI blog example


Google’s aim is to provide a better user experience that is only possible if it can provide solutions to their query in the search results. If your content is the best solution for their search query, Google will rank it, no matter if it’s purely AI-written content, 100% human content, or AI+Human content. To, conclude Google rank AI content, as long as it serves the purpose.

We have a proven technique on how to rank blogs and even website content, product descriptions, and everything that goes on the internet and is affected by ranking factors. A perfect blend of AI+Human content writing expertise to curate perfect content on any topic, industry, or brand. This is what we have cracked. 

Now, with the power of AI and our already expert SMEs, we can provide you content, a lot faster, without any compromises on quality. Connect with us, if you have a massive content requirement that must rank on Google.

Thank you for reading!


Yes, if you follow the guidelines and create informative, relevant and well-structured content, Google will rank that AI-generated content.

Kind of No. But if you can tweak the content in a form that actually delivers something beneficial for the audience then Google may prefer your AI content.

Yes, as long as the content has value to the user and is well-structured and SEO-optimized, it will rank on Google.

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