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Bigger Brand Awareness Via Blog Writing 

Content Whale offers premium blog writing solutions to make your brand stand out and shine.

Blog Writing Services to Increase Brand Awareness

Blog writing is one of the most important areas for business when it comes to effective online marketing. Our professional blog writers will add the silver lining to your website. We have an incredible team of proficient writers for eye-gluing blog writing. We’ve brought 26 experts writing together for a professional writing experience. Our team provides error-free and edited content to our clients. Our editors make the content reader-friendly and develop well-researched blog writing. We believe in delivering blog writing, which is one in a million. This is done by providing 100% plagiarism-free professional writing. We make use of different software for the same.

Professional writing which will increase your business value to millions is now affordable. Our high-quality packages are extremely inexpensive. We provide proficient blog writing at a lightning-fast speed. Our policy is to deliver the content within 36 hours. With all the benefits that Content-Whale offers, quality is a priority. We make sure your blog writing is part of your success story. The blog is written as per your wishes and commands. We offer the service of re-writing or revisions if the client doesn’t feel satisfied at once. We make sure your work reaches you on time, even on holidays. We deliver professional writing with absolute precision and take no reasons for delays. 

Benefits of working with us
  • Well researched, high-quality professional writing.
  • 100% plagiarism free and Grammarly checked blogs.
  •  Pocket-friendly content.
  • SEO friendly blog writing.
  • Delivery within 36 hours.
  • Free revisions and re-writings.
  • Keyword-optimized content. 
  • Writing as per your specifications.
How we create mind-blowing blogs

Expert blog writing

Our in-house proficient writers are all set to bring you the best blogs.

Grammarly checked

Our blog writing is not just high-quality but 100% flawless and accurate.

In-depth and Economic blogs

Blog writing is well-researched and extremely pocket-friendly.

Timely delivery

We work beyond timelines. Your blogs will reach you within 36 hours, even on holidays.

1. How are blogs written?

Blog writing is a way of sharing views or experiences in a creative way to attract readers. Blogs are written as per the knowledge and interests of the bloggers. They share their perspective on specific or multiple topics like tech, beauty, travel, food, culture, literature, psychology, games, business, anything. However, sharing views is not enough for blogging; it simultaneously requires professional writing to attract the target audience.

2. How to start blog writing?

The initial steps for starting blog writing is to get a domain name, web host, and install WordPress. The individual then needs to put the website under the maintenance mode and work on its themes and headers. One can start writing or working on the pages of the blog after completing these steps. Additionally, one may install plugins and widgets.

3. What should a blog contain?

To attract the audience through blog writing, a blog must contain some essential components, like a catchy headline, useful subheading, informative and engaging body, relevant internal links, and so on. 

4. How do bloggers get paid?

The most common method through which bloggers make money by blog writing is an advertisement. The brands pay the bloggers who have a certain number of viewers for putting their ads on the blog. The most common type of ad that the bloggers can put up is Cost per click (CPC) or Pay per click (PPC). The blogger earns every time a visitor clicks on the ad.

5. How can someone blog without being a writer?

If someone is not a professional writer, then they are advised to keep the blog short. However, practice makes a man perfect. Alternatively, one may start with a photoblog or something similar since it will not require a lot of writing. One may also take help from people who are professionals and make a living through blog writing.

6. Is blog writing easy?

Blog writing is easy; the key concept is to grab the readers’ attention through the content. However, it is only possible if the writer is well-acquainted with the topics on which he or she will write.

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