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How to Hire an Expert Educational Content Writer?

Investment done in the right direction is the key to a successful business. As an ed-tech firm or an educational institution, you need the expertise of an expert educational content writer to increase the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts.

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February 26, 2024

How important is an educational content writer for you? Here’s a glance.

The Edtech industry flourished in the pandemic, just as the entertainment industry. Although, you might not know that the edtech sector in India had already hit 1.5 billion dollars by FY 19-20. That was a 10x growth from around 170 million dollars back in 2017. Major players like Byjus, Vedantu, etc., built their empires in those times and are now the biggest empires in India. 

While unique marketing strategies and narratives helped these brands gain clients in huge numbers, educational content writers were a significant part of these strategies. Whether it’s a blog post, a website copy, a case study, or creating stories to set narratives, education content writers do it all.

The market is now overflowing with educational content writers, and your goal is to find the one that suits your requirements. It is obviously, though, understood that freelance educational content writers won’t cut it. 

You need a team of education content writers that can handle any task, whether creative copywriting, website content or educational blogs and articles. In this post, we’ll share some tips and best practices on how to hire a well-defined team of education content writers for your firm.

Let’s first understand what educational content writing consists of.

What is Educational Content Writing?

Educational content writing | Educational content writer | best educational content writing services

Educational content writing is the process of creating content that educates, informs, or inspires your audience. Educational content writing can cover various aspects of the education industry, such as:

• Trends and innovations in education

• Tips and advice for students, teachers, or parents

• Reviews and comparisons of educational products or services

• Success stories and testimonials of students or educators

• Research and analysis of educational data or issues

• Curriculum and course design

• And more…

The purpose of educational content writing is to provide value to your audience, build trust and authority, and generate leads and conversions for your ed-tech or educational business.

What Does an Educational Content Writer Do?

An educational content writer is responsible for creating content that meets your set objectives while intending content towards your audience. An educational content writer does the following tasks:

• Complete competitive analysis

• Plan out your content strategy as per your set goals

• Find keywords to be targeted

• Write content incorporating your brand’s voice, tone, and style

• Optimizes your content for SEO and readability

• Ensure that this works.

How important is an Expert Educational Content Writer for your Firm?

The industry is filled with generic writers and average educational content writers. It is given that you’re not supposed to hire them. Here are some reasons why:

why hire an expert educational content writer as opposed to generic content writer | educational writer vs generic writer | why you should go with professional educational content writer.

As you can see, hiring an expert educational content writer can make a huge difference for your business. But how you hire one is not the question. You need a team of expert educational content writers while being within the budget. 

So, the best way to do that is to hire a content writing company for your educational content writing. Let’s see in detail how.

How to Hire an Educational Content Writer?

Hiring an educational content writing company can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t know where to look or what to look for. 

You can try checking out various lists under the umbrella of top content writing services for educational content writing. 

However, these factors below, you need to extensively research, before making a decision:

Market reputation: How the company has performed over the years and in recent years. Basically, their brand authority and credibility.

Clientele: Check their work experience in educational content writing. For example, we have already worked with many ed-tech and educational firms such as Byjus, Textbook, Upgrad, Unacademy, ischoolconnect, etc. 

Deliverables capacity: Check if the educational content writing company can deliver according to your requirements, in terms of quality, quantity and turnaround time. 

For example, we can deliver quality SEO-infused educational content of upto 20,000 words in less than 48 hours. If your requirements are less or near that, you can hire us.

Price flexibility: You can share your budget with the firm you are about to hire. If they can match your quote, it’s golden. You can check out our basic pricing, through our price calculator.

Monitor: Closely monitor their performance within the first project. If they are able to deliver on all the above aspects, congratulations, you have successfully hired the right educational content writing company for you.


Hiring an education content writer can be a great way to boost your content marketing efforts and grow your business in the education industry. However, finding and hiring the right educational content writer is going to make or break your content marketing efforts.

That’s why, we, at Content Whale, ensure to align our best educational content writers for your needs. As a complete content writing company, we have partnered with many brands across industries to assist them with achieving their revenue goals.

If you’re looking for an education content writer who can help you achieve your content goals, you can rely on us. Contact us today and let us know your content needs. Let’s educate your audience with unique value-adding content.


Q. What are the types of education articles?

Education articles can be classified into different types, such as informative, persuasive, descriptive, narrative, analytical, etc., depending on the purpose and format of the article.

If you need an expert educational writer for your education articles, feel free to contact us here.

Q. What makes an article educational?

An article is educational if it provides useful information, insights, or guidance to the reader on a specific topic or issue related to the education industry.

Q. How do you structure an educational article?

An educational article should have a clear and logical structure, such as an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction should introduce the topic and the main idea of the article, the body should support the main idea with facts, examples, and arguments, and the conclusion should summarize the main points and provide a call to action or a recommendation.

Q. What are the qualities of an academic article?

An academic article is clear, concise, structured, evidence-based, formal, professional, peer-reviewed, original, and scholarly. It also follows the standards and conventions of the discipline and the journal.

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