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9 Content Writing Types for Your Business

“You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.” – Joel Anderson, CEO, Walmart

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February 22, 2024

Businesses today are vying for a prominent presence online. While various marketing techniques are aiding to their unique outreach, different types of content writing and content marketing is one of the main ingredients for their successful brand visibility online. But how do you ensure what types of content writing your business needs? What criteria ensure optimal allotment of financial resources to content needs? Is there any strategy that can help you find this out? Let’s see.

The availability of several types of content writing might confuse and tire you, so before you think of which type, know your criteria, such as the platform where you plan to promote, your targeted audience, and your main objective. 

To understand the criteria, follow these steps:

  • Your objectives for content creation
  • The platform where the content will go
  • The frequency of postings
  • Type of content 

If you are acquainted with the criteria, pat yourself because you have resolved half the problem. However, for the next half, let’s delve into the world of content writing and harness the various types of content writing .

Different Types of Content Writing

There’s a huge amount of formats and genres when it comes to types of content writing . Here are 11 types of content writing and a few examples which help you understand it in-depth. 

Each type of content writing has a different platform it is published on, research, and materials required for its purpose. It is important to recognize that each type has its selling point and overlapping similarities with other types of content writing, making them all types of content writing categories.

Let’s understand them all one by one:

1. Website Content Writing

Website content writing

Web content writing refers to the various types of content writing for websites. It is a widely used service for businesses nowadays as the market has shifted online. The primary objective of types of content writing for websites is to generate maximum traffic by engaging the target audience for a longer period, informing them about your business services/offerings in a language specifically suited to them, and thus, leaving a lasting impression. You can outsource content writing for your website to expert writers. Outsourcing writers can help you and give that competitive advantage you need.

Website content is usually designed by using different types of content writing with the intent to be easily scannable, well-searched, and SEO optimised. The content should be able to reflect the brands’ style while maintaining consistency. 

A few common examples of website content:

  • Homepage

The homepage is the main landing page of a website. It overviews the organisation, its services, and the overall work of your business. Different types of content writing in this include copywriting, product descriptions, link to blog writing page, etc.

  • Service Page

The page where your products and services are mentioned in detail, highlighting their features, benefits, and unique aspects, is the service page. Keeping it crisp and compelling will help you a great deal. 

  • About Us

This segment of the webpage provides a background for the reader. It includes your company’s history, mission, vision, and achievements. Be sure to credit yourself a little!

  • Reviews 

Reviews, ratings, and testimonials establish trust and credibility for the customer. In this there is not many types of content writing involved.

  • FAQs 

Frequently asked questions help your customers understand your product or service better. Common queries about the offerings can be cleared out through this section. This gives the customer a sense of clarity and confidence in your products or services. You can check out a few FAQ examples on Content Whale’s service pages or outsource a professional to write them for you.

  • Contact

Contact or support pages navigate the customers to find information and support resources for users to get in touch or seek assistance. In this sections, 2-3 types of content writing is required such copywriting and an alluring call to action.

A website with accessible and effective content can help drive traffic, improve user experience, and contribute to the overall success of a website. Outsourcing writers or outsource content writing for your website to a content writing agency might prove to be a great helping hand in reducing your work.

2. Article Writing

Articles play a bigger role than one could imagine. It is crucial in delivering valuable content through article or blog writing to readers while also captivating them. Among the different types of content writing, article writing, blog writing, articles, interviews, and guest posts are noteworthy. A few examples of article writing are:

  • Blog Posts 

Blog writing is probably the most popular out of all the types of content writing by anyone on the internet. Like this blog, you are reading. Blog writing whether educational or marketable, help the brand establish itself as an authority of knowledge and expertise. 

Blog writing doesn’t require heavy investment and allows you to publish posts consistently. Blog writing is cost-efficient. Blog writing can help drive traffic when optimized with the correct keywords. Blog Writing gives scope for more reader engagement through the comments section.

Blog writing doesn’t restrict content curators from experimenting with their writing style; blog writing also provides an opportunity to explore various topics. Blog posts are more informal and approachable in tone and language. Outsourcing blog writing professionals through external content writing companies such as Content Whale can ensure your Blog is optimal and drives traffic to your site.

  • Articles

Articles, though, are very similar to Blog writing ; they are more formal and professional, making them less conversational. Articles aren’t published only on websites; they can be used as magazine articles, newspapers, and other places. 

It is usually the most fact-driven of the various types of content writing , with thorough research to provide solid proof to the readers. These are also neutral and less opinionated in most cases. 

Unlike blog writing or any other types of content writing, articles can be descriptive and lengthy, and they go upto 5000 words. The main point of articles is to present factual content, making it unique in its own way. Writing articles in a professional manner can be tricky, which is why outsourcing content writing services or outsourcing content writers through third-party content providers can help develop professional articles.

  • Guest Posts

Marketers use guest posting to promote their content. In guest blog writing, the business doesn’t directly publish these posts. They are found on websites or blogs owned by other organizations or individuals. The persons writing and publishing this are guest writers, and the latter are hosting websites. 

Often these types of content writing, i.e.,  guest blog writing are embedded with back links which increase organic audience and boost the SEO of both the host websites and the guest writers. Guest posts attract new readers giving more reach to your business.

3. Business Writing

Business writing includes any types of content writing that is employed in a formal setting such as blog writing. It is a writing that efficiently and concisely informs the reader of important information.

Effective business writing is characterised by concept clarity, proper syntax, sentence structure, and clear language. Types of content writing for business include email, notices, brochures, internal documents, client proposals, blog writing and updates are included in business writing. Outsourcing content writers to curate these posts ensures a professional touch to the business’s written material. 

  • Emails 

Without a doubt, email greatly impacts how we conduct our lives.

According to the semrush report, 53% use email marketing. Users can pick up and convey messages after signing up with their emails since it routes and stores messages to the right recipients.

An expertly written email for business also helps build the confidence necessary to convert readers into potential clients. It saves you a lot of time, minimises the risk of being listed as spam, and brands your company in the right places. 

Hiring or outsourcing content writing services from companies like Content Whale will aid your company in generating all types of content writing such as professional e-mailers, blog writing, articles, etc.

  • Newsletters

Newsletters types of content writing that are a little similar to emails. However, these are issued in intervals, weekly, monthly, or yearly. It gives an insight into your previous work or behind the scenes, which is sent to those signed up with their email to your website. 

Businesses and individuals may build solid connections, cultivate relationships, and encourage desired behaviours within their target audience by generating well-crafted newsletters that give great material, connecting with subscribers, and analysing performance. However, crafting Newsletters that hold readers’ attention is no easy task. Hiring or outsourcing professional content writing services is the best option to craft newsletters that build connections and hold the readers’ attention. 

  • Business Letters

Business documents can be formal or informal, brief or lengthy, depending on the context and objective. A business letter is always written in a larger setting.

It communicates information that was sent from your company to a reader outside of your company. They have a particular format and language, to ensure the correct format and language is used, consider outsourcing content writing services or hiring outsourced content writers. 

Business letters can be used for pleas, orders, complaints, and the distribution of critical information

  • Case Studies 

A case study is a thorough analysis of an individual event or occurrence. It is a research technique that thoroughly examines a particular incident or circumstance. Case studies can be written in various styles, such as analytical, descriptive, and narrative. 

They frequently find roles in academic, professional, and business research. A case study empowers the creator to comprehend every aspect of the subject by incorporating all the relevant data, numbers, and information. Case studies are most frequently applied in the business world.

In a case study, the author analyses a specific instance and the factors contributing to its success or failure. The primary aspect of this kind of study is the analysis of a specific example in order to draw conclusions from it.

  • Business Memorandums

Memos, often known as business memos, are only used for internal communications.

They gather data and create a formal statement, which is then communicated to specific employees or groups inside a company. 

A business memo often fulfills both the function of identifying a problem and suggesting an alternative. These are short in form. 

  • Reports

Reports are in-depth publications that give conclusions, suggestions, and analyses based on data or studies. They can include, analytical reports, monetary statements, progress updates, and market research studies.

Reports offer information and insights that can be used to make wise decisions. They give you facts so you may make a wise decision. An official record that is disseminated both internally and outside is a report.

4. Press Release Writing

Press release writing services

Press Release (PR) Writing combines creativity, skill, and technique. The goal is to use your data to create an experience that readers will want to read. 

In contrast to other types of content writing, it is important to capture the attention of the media and target audience in PR Writing. It is important to add credibility to your facts by employing quotes and data in clear, straightforward language.

Here are some examples of PR writing:

  • Press Release 

In order to promote news, events, product launches, or company updates, written statements that are called Press Releases are sent out to media outlets.
They have a set structure and offer journalists relevant information for potential news coverage. Press releases aim to grab media interest and share knowledge about a particular problem or trend.

  • Media Pitches

Media pitches are emails or letters which are sent to reporters or news organisations that request coverage. These introductions highlight a topic’s significance and offer convincing justifications for why the media should cover it.
They generally are concise, focused on the recipient’s interests, and stress the potential benefit to their audience are all characteristics of effective media pitches.

  • Speeches and Talking Points

For speeches at events, conferences, or media appearances, PR experts frequently compose speeches for CEOs or spokespersons.
These speeches attempt to engage the audience, convey important messages, and contribute to the organisation’s reputation.
Talking points are brief descriptions or outlines used to guide people during interviews or in public.

There are many other examples of PR Writing, such as Event Releases, Research report releases, audio/video releases, etc. PR writing is crucial for effectively communicating an organisation’s messages, improving its image, managing its reputation, and engaging its target audience, for which content creation is necessary.

5. Technical Content Writing

Unlike the previous types of content writing styles like blog writing, Technical content writing involves more complicated content. It is more niche specific and requires expert advisors with a background in that specific field to work on these types of content writings. Hiring and outsourcing content writers that write niche-specific content professionally is ideal for these types of content writing. Content Whale provides skilled professionals to write such types of content. 

Technical content writers are professionals who break down complex concepts into simpler forms with easy-to-understand language and tone. 

These complex subjects include medicinal, technological, computer science or other technical topics rarely discussed in general conversations. 

Different examples of Technical Content Writing are

  • User manuals

Instructions on how to utilise a product or service are given in user manuals. They handle typical troubleshooting issues, provide step-by-step directions, and clarify technical ideas.
To help users understand, user manuals may also include images, diagrams, or frequently asked questions.

  • Standard Operating Procedures

SOPs are detailed how-to guides for carrying out particular duties or processes within an organisation.
They explain the steps  to guarantee proper working and give information on the tools or resources needed. Outsourcing content writing professionals  from content writing companies can save time and ensure professional outcomes.

  • API Documentations

API Documents are mainly for developers, including tutorials and examples that help them in analysing your API (or Application Programming Interface.)
Information regarding functions, arguments, data types, and usage examples is included in API documentation.
It helps in the understanding and usage of the functions offered by developers.

  • White Papers

White papers are in-depth articles that discuss a particular problem, technology, or market development. For the purpose of educating readers and influencing decisions, they give research, analysis, and insights. White papers frequently demonstrate knowledge and thought leadership in the business, healthcare, and technology sectors. For professional outcomes, consider outsourcing or hiring content writing services from qualified content writing companies such as Content Whale.

6. E-Book Writing

E-book writing has found its significance in recent times, which enabled it to find its place as one of the types of content writing. E-book writing is an approach to produce a digital book that may be viewed on e-readers, tablets, or smartphones.

E-books are also more detailed and help readers get a good insight into the subject matter if written by professional outsourced writers. It is a convenient and approachable medium for conveying important information, educational material, and fiction or non-fiction stories; e-books have grown in popularity. A few variations of e-books include

  • Guides

Comprehensive guides are in-depth e-books that cover a wide range of topics in great detail. They act as thorough references, providing a wealth of knowledge, perceptions, and materials on a certain subject.

  • Courses

The course could be utilised as a how-to guide, ways to use and master a specific segment of a topic that is closely related to your brand niche. Enabling learners who can benefit and recommend your company to other potential audiences.

7. SEO Writing

Writing for search engines is the specialised kind of writing known as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Enhancing a website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attracting organic traffic from search queries are the two main objectives of SEO writing. Exactly what we, at Content Whale, are experts in.

Key aspects of writing an SEO optimised content involve the usage of 

  • Enticing Meta Tags
  • Keyword-rich Content with the right placement 
  • Writing for both users and search engines
  • Powerful headlines 
  • Multimedia that help the reader to surf for a longer duration
  • Readability 

By outsourcing or hiring SEO writers that implement effective SEO writing practices, businesses can improve their website’s visibility, attract organic traffic, and increase the chances of reaching their target audience through search engine results.
We at Content Whale value and understand as an SEO-specialised content writing agency, so if you were looking for an agency with immediate and high-quality types of content writing services, you know whom to approach.

8. Copywriting

Often, people mistake copywriting to literally mean copying and writing the same content in a fitting manner; however, copying, pasting, or paraphrasing is not copywriting. 

Writing that helps businesses exhibit their brands or images in a way that appeals to customers and persuades them to make purchases is known as copywriting. In short, copywriting is your marketing content. 

Copywriting is an umbrella of functions as its demographic is as wide as the pacific ocean. Copywriters encompass those who write promotional blog posts and articles, infographic designers, and marketing specialists who make videos to show off the value of a product. 

Outsourcing talented copywriters may help organizations at any moment plan marketing initiatives. This is extremely helpful if you want to grow your firm or enter a new market. Using a copywriting agency can help you reach more people. 

But how is it different from the general marketing strategies? Copywriting provides a tale that engages the readers and suggests they pick up your service or product. 

Copywriting can be customised with other types of content writing, such as website copywriting, SEO copywriting, and Social media copywriting, and enlarging its scope. Here are a few such examples or types of content writing in copywriting

  • Sales copywriting 

Designing and writing material with the primary goal of persuading readers to do something is known as sales copywriting.
Outsourcing professionals with Persuasive writing abilities, marketing expertise, and knowledge of consumer psychology is necessary for crafting effective sales copywriting. 

  • Ad Copies

Advertising copywriting includes writing engaging and actionable prose for commercials across various media platforms, including print, television, radio, web banners, and social media.
Ad copies involve headlines, taglines, slogans, and call-to-actions. The objective is to catch the audience’s attention, highlight a good or service’s advantages or distinctive selling qualities, and persuade them to buy it. 

  • Direct response copywriting 

Direct response copywriting aims to compel a quick response or action from the audience. It is often seen in commercials on the internet, email marketing, direct mail campaigns, and sales letters.
The language is compelling, highlights advantages, and contains strong CTAs to encourage a certain action, such as purchasing, signing up for a newsletter, or seeking more information.

  • Website copywriting 

Writing interesting and educational material for websites is the emphasis of website copywriting, which is why hiring a professional is the smart thing to do.
It involves creating engaging headlines, the details of products or services, content for home pages, About Us pages, and calls to action (CTAs).
The purpose of writing website copywriting is to educate viewers, develop confidence, and promote sales or targeted customer engagements.

Copywriting is a distinct domain of content writing itself. Click here to check our copywriting services

9. Social Media Writing

Social media copywriting involves writing engaging and concise content for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

It requires capturing attention quickly, using a conversational tone, and leveraging the unique features of each platform to engage and connect with the target audience. 

Tone differs from the other types of content writing as it tries connecting with the internet lingo. The usage of quirky taglines, puns, jokes, and other elements attracts a bunch of followers, shares, and engaging comments.

A few examples of Social media writing can be:

  • Captions
  • Linkedin profile writing
  • Any other platform-specific content

Final Thoughts

types of content writing

Mastering and understanding the various types of content writing is essential for any business looking to communicate effectively and efficiently with its target audience. It can be overwhelming to choose one out of the different types of content writing while having so many categories and subcategories, but keeping your requirements and different criteria in mind, you can simply hire or outsource professionals like those at Content Whale. We will guide you and provide you with the best content results meant for you!

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