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If you are looking for reliable transcription companies, you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Content-Whale may just be your saving grace. We, at Content-Whale, guarantee to give 100% qualitative and excellent transcription services. We understand the value of transcription and its security, therefore, we provide certified documents of various transcriptions such as academic, media, marketing, legal, medical transcription services with HIPAA compiled documents and many more guarantees to protect the sensitive information.
Creating transcriptions is not an easy task; only a writer can understand the concept and the implications of faulty transcription. Transcription offers several benefits, whether related to entertainment, marketing, or any other platforms or mediums. It can be performed and tackled by yourself, but it seeks a lot of time and energy which may not be agreeable for all.

That is where we step up in the industry; to ease transcription work and make you entirely active so you may pay attention to more significant chores rather than sticking your hands in the mess that is transcribing. We handle the transcription workload effectively as our transcriptionists have skilled intelligence of various industries, and understand various terminology. We create a secure network to receive and deliver sensitive files, so you can be relaxed. We promise to deliver you supreme and unparalleled transcription services.

Better place for you to get specialized transcriptions

  •  Delivers superior quality transcriptions
  •  Specialization of various niches and industries
  •  Guarantees on-time delivery
  •  HIPAA based medical transcription services
  •  Error-free transcriptions that save time and efforts
  •  Accept all types of audio/video and excellently convert it into a document

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get the transcribed document from real people?
2. How do I trust you to provide qualified transcription?

At Content-Whale, you can get only assured and the best quality services. We follow a strategic process to deliver superior transcriptions as we know the value of accuracy in transcriptions whether it’s a medical report, legal documentation or other. Therefore, we provide authentic transcriptions, and for more queries, you can call us; we can help you understand our services better.

3. How do you deliver my transcriptions?

Well, we send your transcriptions in word document in the form of PDF OR MS-word format. You can get the fastest service at Content-Whale.

4. Do you provide expensive medical transcription services?
5. Can I get a transcription within a day?

Yes, our professional transcriptionists are well-trained in managing their work. If you need the fastest delivery of transcriptions, we assure you to make it before time. So, relax as we can write many transcriptions in a day.

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Excellent Transcription Services At Content-Whale

Content-Whale is a world-known transcription company that efficiently drafts authentic documents from any audio and video for several industries. As you might know, transcription writing is a mind-tickling task. It demands a lot of time and effort that barricades the growth of the industry as it consumes most of your time rather than letting you focus on the preliminary work. Still, with the help of a transcription services provider, you can pay more attention to your ideal business deal and promote your business growth.

At Content-Whale, we promise to deliver high-quality transcriptions that accomplish all your requirements. Furthermore, we follow all the instructions of our customers and offer certified services to various industries. Leave all the transcription writing complications on us as we have experts dealing with it. Get high-quality transcriptions in a low turnaround time at a standard price. Whatever your transcription requirements are or whatever industry you belong to, allow us to write authentic, 100% error-free and customer-centric transcriptions.