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In the era of technology, it is crucial to help your users understand technical products. Are you not aware about technical writing? It is a process of creating documentation about your technical product or service. In simple words, it is essential to write about your tangible and intangible technical products. We, at Content-Whale, have a team of experienced technical writers who have a vast and core competency across industries. In our service of technical writing in NYC, we ensure high-quality technical content with precise information.

Apart from industrial expertise, they are familiar with modern tools and software (e.g., HelpNDoc, Disqus, MadCap Flare). This is how our highly-skilled, qualified, and experienced writers produce the best technical write-ups. Besides technical writing in New York, we provide copywriting services in the USA . We also curate technical content according to international standards so that everyone around the world can understand your products.

Benefits of working with us

  •  High-quality technical documents written by experienced writers.
  •  Thoroughly researched and carefully written content.
  •  100% unique and error-free content.
  •  Proper usage of keywords to increase your SEO ranking.
  •  Revision as per the client requirements.
  •  24-hours availability for urgent matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is technical writing?
2. Why is a proper technical write-up required?

Everyone may not easily understand technical products or services. Therefore, you need to have correctly written technical documents for your readers. The language should be simple yet informative so that a reader can understand and apply their new knowledge.

3. Are your writers experienced in creating technical write-ups?

Yes. We have a team of writers who are professionals, highly-skilled in developing technical documents. They all have a strong base and detailed knowledge about the technologies across industries. In addition to this, they all have a minimum experience of 5 years.

4. Can your writers write on any technology or industry?
5. What all types of technical writing do you provide?

We provide all types of technical writing in NYC, whether you need traditional content (repair manuals, medical studies), end-user documentation (Electronics, consumer products), technical marketing content (press releases, catalogs), and many more.

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Professional Technical Writing Services in New York

Besides providing high-quality technical write-up from experienced writers, we have a team of professional and experienced project managers. A dedicated manager will be assigned to handle your project and ensure that everything is working correctly and smoothly. Moreover, we have trained our writers to develop the technical documents by using the most accessible language so that your readers can understand quickly and apply the information wherever needed.

We are capable and professional enough to take all the responsibility to develop high-quality technical write-ups for your technical products or services. What are you waiting for? Are you looking for technical writing in NYC? Then look no further. Contact us for the best yet affordable writing services.