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Content-Whale is the first of its sort of content service provider that deals in a variety of writing and designing services. We are making way for virtual writing and eradicating the hassle of hiring content writers.

Engaging and Interesting Video Script to Lure Viewers

Since we give a variety of services to our clients, it is essential to have professionals to ensure fitting writing services. With a rig of script writers, video script writers, and concept writers, we can ensure the quality of writing to our clients. Speaking of specific services, script writing has further bifurcations. In today’s time, script writers largely administer in writing scripts for websites, brochures, etc. Moreover, video script writers and concept writers expertise in writing voice-overs for videos with new ideas to conceptualize. 


Benefits of working with us
  • Our concept writers ensure client-specific scripts.
  • Our live tracking system keeps a check on the script writers.
  • Our EMI options remove budget constraints.
  • The video script writers are add-on to our writing and designing services.
  • Our response time is faster than the light’s speed.
  • We work with the motive to reduce overall cost to your company.
Our features

Editorial revisions

Well-researched and 100% original content. We provide content which is meticulously examined by our editors that is creative, rich with keywords and are a pure reflection of your business ideas

Article rewriting

We paraphrase articles while ensuring that we retain the originality of your content. If we fail to impress, we offer free article rewriting services by another writer as per the package.

Qualified team of professionals

Our passionate team of 26 writers and 5 highly qualified editors are always ready to provide you content according to your requirements.

36 Hour delivery

Short deadlines are surely a nuisance but not for our professional team of content experts. We have trained our team and streamlined our work process to ensure urgent deliveries.
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