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Among actors, filmmakers, and directors of all stripes, there is a commonly heard expression: “It all starts with the script.” This is true for any production, be it a short video or feature film. No matter the nature of a video, the script is always considered the origin, the source material. If the script isn’t apt, you can surely bet that your video production will face problems down the line. That’s why it’s essential to use a content writing agency’s professional script writers, someone who knows the job and recognizes the unique challenges of writing for video.

Here at Content Whale, each website content writer makes sure they write for performance who can cut a long story short without losing its value. With an outside insight, every website content writer at Content Whale drafts tutorials content with visuals in mind. Our website content writers see the story in everything, not just making it informative but also evocative, compelling, and attention-grabbing video tutorial script.

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1. What is tutorial content writing?

Most people in the world now use the internet to learn how to do things in understandable and doable steps. Tutorial content writing is writing the entire content of these tutorials that can be then published in text or video form for the audience to view.

2. What are the steps for writing tutorial content?

Tutorial content writing is a rather creative job and requires a lot of research and attention to detail. Some steps that you should follow while writing are:

  • Write a video brief for the tutorial of your chosen topic.
  • Make a story out of your message
  • Use a language and vocabulary that is easy for your audience to understand.
  • Keep the tutorial content short and straight to the point.
  • Focus on script readings once the draft is ready.
  • Make corrections and tweaks where ever needed.

3. How should the tutorial content be drafted?

The tutorial content writing draft should include the basics like- A clear title, introduction, Clear steps, split up steps from the complicated ones, an FAQ section. Make sure that at any point, the draft remains the same, no matter what topic you choose.


4. How to choose a topic for tutorial content writing?

Your entire tutorial content writing process depends on the topic you choose. Hence, choosing a good topic is crucial for writing. Here are some tips on how you can pick the topic:

  • Find something to solve and write the tutorial around it.
  • Research the tutorials that have already addressed the same or similar topics.
  • Narrow down your topic.
  • Select a topic that your target audience would be interested in.

5. What are the tips for writing good tutorial content?

Here are a few tips to be kept in mind while you are writing tutorial content:

  • Select an interesting and relatable topic for your audience.
  • State your tutorial’s objectives.
  • Be concise with the content.
  • Use relatable examples
  • Play with images to make it attractive.
  • Use a structure that is organized and uncluttered.
  • Break the tutorial down into simple steps.
  • Proofread.
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