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Content-Whale is a virtual platform that provides a variety of step by step guide writers and more.

The Need for Efficient Writing Services

Having an impressive and significant front-face has always been given value in the service sector. And by front-face, we imply content that enables a likely customer to get attracted by the prospect of excellent services. With words, you can always lure people into believing in your motto and help them connect with you quickly. As a famous saying goes, ‘words cut deeper than a knife’; and hence using them carefully is the way to go.

A step-by-step guide will help your customer or client understand about the product or service that you provide in a much better way. 

Benefits of working with us
  • The trial-run facility is most effective and gives you a gist of how we work. 
  • The live tracking system allows you to look at the work-in-progress.
  • With EMI options, there are no budget constraints anymore.
  • 42 writing problems and one solution
  • Our step by step guide writers gets your work done faster than the light’s speed.
  • The cost-to-company reduces with our services.
Our features

Digital content

Other than the usual article and blog writing services, biographical, editorial work is also in demand. Moreover, companies are looking for companies that can take care of press releases, website content, and product description writing services.

Professional & technical content

A lot of companies dealing with industrial products require proficient skills to explain their products and services. This helps them reach out to more customers and increase their sales. Our services also include webinars and video content, company portfolios, etc.

Marketing content

Nowadays, companies require a separate team to do their marketing for them. This includes copywriting services, brand awareness articles, social media posts, etc.

Branding services

We are also into branding services that include designing logos, business cards, and other important parts of an organization’s identity.