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Content-Whale offers specialized writing services that are SEO-optimized to help your website rank higher. We craft SEO-friendly content that converts. SEO copywriting aims at converting traffic into leads. Our proficient writers are well-trained to provide reader-friendly content that is 100% accurate and free of grammatical errors. We believe in producing original content, which is why our articles are plagiarism-free and unique. Our team of over 500 skilled writers and editors strive to ensure the content is of supreme quality and meets all your needs. Since SEO content writing is all about research to improve visibility, our writers aim to offer high-quality, keyword-focused content that generates traffic to your website.

As a team of SEO content writers, we are well aware of how to write content that is informative and compelling. Our content attracts high-authority backlinks while converting website visitors to buyers. Our team goes out of the way to ensure your work reaches you within 48 hours. We also offer revisions if the client is unsatisfied with the content delivered in the first place. Apart from all these features that Content Whale offers, quality is always our top priority. In addition to that, our packages are super affordable and pocket-friendly, which makes this deal even better. We take pride in the professional writing that we have delivered to over 1000 clients with absolute precision and zero delay.

Benefits of our services?

  •  Carefully written and researched content
  •  Grammarly-checked content completely free from plagiarism
  •  Content modified to suit your requirements
  •  Content delivery within 48 hours
  •  Budget-friendly content as per your preference
  •  SEO-friendly content with relevant keywords
  •  Quality content from experienced writers
  •  Free revisions to meet your demands

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Frequently asked questions on SEO content writing

1. How can I learn SEO?
2. What are SEO keywords?

SEO keywords are the words and phrases that define your content. These keywords serve as the link between people's searches and what content you offer to fill that need. Your objective is to drive traffic to your site from the search engine results, and the keywords you choose determine the traffic you get. They are important for a site to show up when a person types a query. You need to understand what type of content users seek to rank well organically.

3. How many keywords should one use for SEO?

Focus on including one main keyword per page and incorporate a few SEO variations for the same. Pick one to three keywords for each page while focusing on a single topic. However, to get higher rankings, you need to take several other things into consideration. The better you optimize your page for SEO, the higher ranking it will have on the search engine result page.

4. Can you do your SEO by yourself?
5. What are the types of SEO?

SEO can be on-page or off-page, and the implications are clear from the names. On-page SEO includes keyword research, metadata optimization, and internal linking. It is vital to incorporate on-page SEO for a better understanding of your site's content. Off-page SEO includes link building by pitching articles, researching competitors, and helping reporters. You can get various reputable websites to link back to your site.

6. Is there any difference between SEO content writing and normal content writing?

It is obvious that both sound similar. However, they differ a lot. An SEO content writer produces content for better search engine rankings without making it spammy. He/she focuses on quality and relevance in addition to doing what a normal content writer does. When it comes to ranking your website, it is Google that sets the benchmark and filters accordingly. But, an SEO writer understands how to create content by using keywords for relevance.

7. Is SEO hard to learn?

SEO is not rocket science. You can easily rank higher with well-picked keywords. Use online tools and get an idea of the keywords used by your competitors. If you are willing to allocate the necessary time and effort to learn the various SEO concepts, you'll be able to grasp the basics in no time. Most users visit the first five websites that appear in the results, which is why your website needs to be optimized accordingly. It is nothing but a fascinating field with lots of fun.

8. Is SEO a good career option?

Yes, it is. SEO allows you to indulge in diverse fields, start or grow your business, or work in-house. Google, Youtube, and Amazon are the biggest search engines, and the possibilities offered are endless. Moreover, small businesses pay people familiar with SEO article writing to help them improve their rankings and grow their organic search traffic. Once this traffic starts growing, you can monetize your website through advertisements.