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Let us add integrity to your business with our Press Release Writing Service.

Our Press Releases bring to the limelight, not only your achievements but your ideals as well. 

PR Content for Brand Recognition

At Content Whale, we understand that knowledge is power. And equally important is its dissemination. So, we bring to you our press release writing services that are the best in the market. With Content Whale by your side, you can rest assured that your PR campaign will yield the results that you desire. Your fundamental values and your achievements define you. But, unless your stakeholders are aware of this crucial piece of information, it won’t get you the desired results. So, keeping your requirements in mind, we curate press releases that convey a message to your current and potential stakeholders that leave a long-lasting impression on them. 

Our press release writing services entail the development of media-ready press releases. Our PR reports also come with the promise of being in an accurate tone and format. Moreover, we highlight your achievements in a lucid manner and add credibility to your business. We, at Content Whale, realize how difficult it is to hire digital firms for publishing PR reports. Thus, we provide the best press release writing services for you to ensure that you can reach out to your potential clients. Our services come with the guarantee of leaving no stone unturned to help take your business to the next level.         

Benefits of working with us
  • Premium Grammarly reports with each piece.
  • 100% unique content with plagiarism reports.
  • Team of more than 30 well-versed writers.
  • Quality and quantity with the deadline.
  • Provide more than 42 types of writing services.
Our features
  1. 36-hour turn-around time: We provide both quality and quantity content within 36-hours. 
  2. Editorial examination: Every PR piece undergoes an editorial check.
  3. 42 services: Apart from PR writing services, we provide more than 40 other services to help your business grow. 
  4. Affordability: We charge only one rupee per word and ensure that the quality is intact.

1. What is Press Release used for?

PR Writing involves content being written specifically about events, product launch, and other circumstances. Public Releases are used for marketing and other promotional purposes, such as notifying the media about certain events, how your business appears on the internet, blogs, websites, and so on. 

2. What are the steps involved in a press release?

The following steps are involved in PR writing.


  1. The press release must have a catching compelling headline.
  2. Collect information such as the name, number, mailing address for the person who is about to distribute the media.
  3. Be sure of the deadline
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Include quotes
  6. Know your audience
  7. Double-check for errors

3. Why do I need to add quotes in my press release?

A good quote is necessary for the chances of your PR Writing being noticed by a journalist and for them to be interested in what you want to say. 


This is generally termed as the “pull quote” by journalists, a technique that attracts the audience to the product.  

4. What headlines would a journalist like to see on my press release?

The headline encourages the reader to dig into the article to see what the news is about. Writing a suitable headline is the “two-second hook” to draw a journalist’s attention, which is necessary for you to succeed with your PR Writing

5. What should I look out for while proofreading my press release?

You need to read your copy twice before asking another person to read it for you. Do check your copy for some silly spelling mistakes, grammar errors and look out for the obvious things such as the wrong title, the wrong date, old notes, and so on. File the older versions of your press release in an archived folder to avoid sending out the wrong files. 

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