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Content-Whale offers premium press release writing services to make your brand stand out and shine. Get your official announcements delivered efficiently to your audience. Press release writing is highly beneficial and serves as an opportunity to articulate your services and products and highlight their value to customers. Here at Content-Whale, we have an expert team of writers that are niche-specific and are supervised throughout every project to achieve unparalleled results. Our editors make sure that the content is reader-friendly and is relevant to the needs of our 1000+ clients. We offer services to the best of our ability because we strongly believe that a client's wish is our command. We make sure to deliver original work with in-depth research and precise formatting that reaches you on time without any delays.

Our team of skilled writers strive to deliver the most pivotal information about your latest business developments. We shape your achievements the way you need it. Be it product launches, events, branding, leadership changes, or awards; we make sure it garners valuable attention. We provide error-free and edited content, ensuring your satisfaction with the content delivered by us. Creating content that wins engagement is the core element of our writing services. Optimizing content and keeping it data-driven at the same time is the key to efficient writing, which is not an easy task, but we at Content-Whale have accomplished it flawlessly. Our variety of writing packages offered at reasonable rates is the crowning glory of our services.

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Frequently asked questions on press release writing

1. What is press release writing?
2. What is the purpose of the press release?

The purpose of a press release is to get the required attention for a particular topic, make news and generate publicity for the same. However, the main purpose is to create awareness. A strategic and well-written press release can reach audiences in an effective way and helps create interest around any corporate news in a factual and efficient way.

3. What is a press release in SEO?

The press release submission basically refers to writing about new events, products, or services of the company or brands and submitting it to PR sites. Moreover, a PR site is usually an off-page website with an SEO strategy that helps in popularizing events, products, or services on the web page to improve the SEO of your site. Improved SEO helps the article to achieve a higher reach than usual, hence increasing brand awareness.

4. How often should you send a press release?
5. How long should a press release be?

Though the topic, event, or news is what differs how long it should be but according to the rules of writing articles, it is mandatory to abide by the formatting rules that include the word limit. On an average, a press release should be approximately 400 words long. It is about a page but can vary according to the topic of the release. It must be sufficient enough to cover the required event.

6. How effective are press releases?

A press release is effective in terms of reliability, and it is found that around 70% of reporters spend less than a minute reading each press release they receive. This is not time enough to give full justice to a topic. In addition to it, only about 28% of quotes featured in press releases are actually considered useful and effective.

7. What are the things to avoid while writing a good press release?

While writing a press release, you should be careful to make sure you write it in a professional way, free from grammatical errors and easy to understand. Do not use complicated language or fancy words that are difficult to understand for a reader. Make sure that you do not use any slang, short terms or abbreviations, unpopular jargon, or difficult acronyms. To ensure that language usage is not ambiguous and that it does not misrepresent a company or the message you want to convey. Thus, writing a press release requires professional skills and formal use of language.

8. Do you need a call to action for a press release?

Yes! Every press release should have an effective call to action for the audience to take the next step. This helps drive traffic, subscribers, and sales. It also helps in follow-ups and in establishing a better relationship with the target audience. A call to action can provide vital information to the masses.