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Magazine articles are a direct way to your audience’s heart. Let your audience know what you have to offer. Make your brand or opinion stand out with Content-Whale’s Magazine Article Writing Services! Get Noticed By A Larger Audience Through Magazine Articles. Magazines are often considered an old school medium of acquiring information and a high tea companion. However, magazines have re-emerged as a strong channel to advertise and grow a brand. With magazines opening the online route as well, the density of readers has increased. Moreover, the trust of the readers has inclined towards a magazine rather than an ad popping up out of nowhere. Content-Whale helps you curate professional, crisp, and attention-grabbing magazine articles with our magazine article writing services. Our writers understand how differently readers react to different articles and hence write content accordingly. We keep in mind the type of magazine the article will be published in and create an article that hits the bull's eye.

When it comes to magazine articles, the content has to be informative and fun to read at the same time. You want your audience to understand your brand and remember your brand by the article. To ensure that your voice is accurately portrayed in the article, our team pays attention to all the details you provide and work as per your instructions. Additionally, we create magazine articles for people who want to put their point forward but cannot find the right words. No matter what type of and the reason for the article is, we curate content that has a special narrative fitted to enhance your brand image. Our work is always submitted to you on time, with complete plagiarism reports and 100% creativity.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is a magazine article?
2. What is the ideal length of a magazine article?

The ideal length of a magazine article is 500-1000 words. However, you can exceed or reduce as per the page layout of the magazine. Also, sometimes the topic demands a longer word count so that it can be explained appropriately. If you are writing for a 4-5 page feature, the word count may exceed accordingly. However, we also ensure avoiding fluff in the article just to meet the count. Magazine articles have to be to the point for the reader to keep them engrossed in reading.

3. What are some tips to write a good magazine article?

Here are some tips that can help you write a good magazine article:

  • Choose a topic that interests you and you have adequate knowledge in
  • Before you start to write, create an outline of all the points you will cover and the structure of the article
  • Inculcate different angles to the content to make it appealing
  • Do proper research to provide leverage to your article
  • Consider the target audience at all times

4. What is the format of a magazine article?
5. What is the purpose of a magazine article?

The purpose of a magazine article is to provide information but in a captivating manner. Through magazine articles, you can talk about your brand, your product, your ideas, or narrate a story. Magazine articles provide in-depth information without portraying the topic as monotonous. With illustrations and images, magazine articles fulfil the visual aspect as well, providing an image that the readers will remember and may take an action i.e. purchase the product.

6. How does Content-Whale help in Magazine Article writing?

Magazine articles may sound like an easy task to achieve but we know that it requires a lot of work. We help you in writing magazine articles that are grammatically sound, engaging for the readers, and that fulfil your purpose. We can help you in portraying your brand image in words that will be in the minds of your readers forever. Our writers will write an article that checks all technicalities and conforms to your expectations and demands as a client.