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Content-Whale offers top-of-the-line graphic design services to help you discover and establish your brand’s unique visual identity and stand out from the crowd. Establish your brand’s design identity. Graphic design for a brand includes all things visual that are used to communicate with the outside world, which includes customers, stakeholders, and competitors. In today’s world, visual storytelling is extremely important to sustain a brand. Having a unique and modern visual identity can allow your brand to connect with potential customers, stand out from the rest of the competition, and stay relevant to current trends. Create a unique identifier for your company and promote your brand in the long run.

Consider Nike’s iconic swoosh, or Coca-Cola’s white lettering against that potent red background, or Apple’s ultra-simple and sleek design that has people coming back for the latest iPhone even though there are cheaper and arguably better options out there. These design elements have become an integral part of these brands, without which they are incomplete. For your brand to be successful, there’s nothing better than establishing your brand’s identity and claiming the rightful position as a market competitor. Content-Whale’s graphic design services include everything from logos to product packaging to business collateral. As your one stop solution to all designing needs, we ensure that our packages are incredibly affordable and offer the highest quality deliverables with a quick delivery time.

Benefits of working with us?

  •  High-quality print and digital graphic design services
  •  Highly skilled and professional designers including expert PowerPoint designers
  •  Custom designs to meet your exact specifications
  •  A large variety of design products
  •  Deliverables in multiple different formats
  •  Hassle-free handling of large files
  •  Endless revisions for 100% satisfaction

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of design services are available?
2. What is a brand identity book?

A company’s brand identity book contains strict guidelines to be followed for every aspect of the brand design. It outlines the logos and their variations, logo placement, allowed fonts and their variations and purposes for each variation, font sizes, brand colours, and more. These guidelines need to be followed to the tee to ensure consistency and continuity in the brand’s visual identity.

3. Can I hire a PowerPoint designer from Content-Whale?

Yes, we offer a project manager along with a designer to provide you with complete PowerPoint presentation design services. Powerpoints need to be concise, easy to read, and have a clean design and look. There should not be any clashing colours or images so that the audience is not distracted during presentations. They also need to use minimal text to increase the readability. Stuffing too many words into a PowerPoint presentation is one of the most common mistakes people make. We guarantee that we will hit all the right checkboxes when it comes to PowerPoint design.

4. What skills do I need to have if I want to become a graphic designer?
5. How do graphic designers get paid?

Some graphic designers work as full-time employees for design houses. However, most graphic designers work as freelancers and charge for their designs per piece. As a freelancer, they get to set their own rates and essentially run a sole proprietorship-style business. Designers can use many available platforms to provide services and find clients. They can even showcase their work on social media sites like Instagram to attract new clients.

6. Is graphic design easy?

Graphic design is not always 100% easy but if you are passionate about design and have a creative streak, the process of designing is a smooth sail altogether. You need to learn to use the right tools skillfully and also pick up on keyboard shortcuts for the same, and this will help you achieve a smooth and efficient workflow. One difficulty designers often face when they start is finding clients. However, once you have established your reputation in the design space, it becomes easier to find work and make designing your full-time job.