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Put an end to the queries and doubts of your customers with our phenomenal question and answers writing services.

Solve queries of customers with Q&A writing services

Frequently Asked Questions on your company’s website or for any products or services will help your client or customer understand the brand or products in a better way. A set of questions and answers will help in describing a company or service. A collection of FAQs will help in increasing the user index and improving the user experience.

We at Content-Whale provide quality question and answers writing services. We have a team of FAQ writers who research any topic and analyze it thoroughly and come up with a set of questions and answers. A FAQ page will clarify the common doubts of the customers immediately.

Benefits of working with us
  • Well fabricated content
  • More than 42 types of services along with question and answers writing
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Our features

Turn-around time

Get questions and answers writing at god-speed. We can deliver around 7000 words within 36 hours. Along with quick deliveries, we ensure quality.

Well-researched questions and answers

Be it any topic or subject, thorough research is carried out by our team of writers. After analyzing the topic, relevant questions and answers are framed.

Easy access

We provide our clients with an access sheet, which they can utilize to track their work. Can't get in touch with our team? Don't worry, follow your projects via these sheets.


No more budget problems. We provide quality content curated by FAQ writers for nominal charges. What's more? We also have EMI plans and options. Pay monthly for all our bulk services.

1. How to write a FAQ page?

For FAQ content writing frame the frequently answered questions from the perspective of the viewers and their answers. Keep the questions and the answers precise. The FAQ page should have all the details regarding the questions a reader might have for a specific topic.

2. How to write FAQ questions?

The questions for FAQ content writing should follow a pattern; there should be a specific question with a short answer which solves the query. The language should be simple so the users can understand the answers. It is always beneficial to think like the viewer instead of thinking like a writer. 

3. Why is FAQ important?

The foremost importance of FAQ content writing for a web page is that it enhances user experience. It saves the user’s time and gives them the information they require; thus, the Return on Investment (ROI) increases. Also, it reduces the use of resources of the company to deal with the visitors’ common queries.

4. What are some Q&A questions?

The Q&A writing should include questions that start with When, Why, Where, and How concerning the product. The writer cannot add general questions since the viewers are curious about a specific product, not all products. For Q&A writing, the best method is to think like the viewer.

5. What is the Q&A writing format?

The Q&A writing format requires the writer to start each new question from a new line, and the words should have double spacing. All the questions should have a period after the serial number. The font generally used is Times New Roman with size 12.

6. How to write a good Q&A?

A good Q&A writing answers the questions of the visitors. The writer should think of the questions most people ask regarding a service or a product. Going through the questions that the viewers ask about similar products will also help get an idea. The writer should frame the questions keeping all this in mind..

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