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Our email marketing content writers produce curated content designed for your needs. Become a witness to the exponential growth of your brand with our email marketing services.

Email Marketing is an untapped goldmine

Potential consumers will read every mail you send out or broadcast and possibly scrutinized. If you want to leave a positive and unforgettable image on a large number of people who will go through your mail every day, you need an email marketing content writer who can give you fresh and engaging content-something to keep them hooked! We genuinely believe that each customer, each client, and each lead matters. Conversion rates drop if your email marketing is weak. The entire corporate world relies on emails for their daily bread, and it is an untapped goldmine. Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep potential clients updated with your brand, all the changes you’ve made, the new products and services you currently provide, what more you can offer, why your brand is different from the crowd and what you can do for your clients.

Most brands aren’t able to tap into this market or generate a good number of leads through email marketing, simply because they don’t understand what grabs attention and what bores the people who read the emails. Our specialised email marketing content writers do their homework. They analyze and research as soon as they receive a briefing, and together we can create compelling content for your email marketing strategies. One thing we promise never to do is neglect. Neglect gives birth to mistakes and leniency. We won’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to writing quality email marketing content so that you can knock on the doors of success.

Benefits of working with us
  • Hand-picked content writers are known for creating topmost content in India
  • Get content within the first 36 hours of making a deal
  • You provide a deadline and we work accordingly.
  • Strict policies against plagiarism, and 100% freshly generated content
  • Demographics-oriented content for max efficiency
  • Provision for unlimited revisions for free
  • Grammarly premium article reports
Our features

Round the clock service

Get round-the-clock service and assistance. We don’t neglect revisions even on holidays. ContentWhale provides help whenever necessary, and there’s always somebody available to take note of your requirements.

24/7 customer service

Customer care is an integral part of what we aim to do. We provide 24/7 customer service for a smooth experience.

42 writing services

Content whale includes several writing services. All 42 writing styles are enough to accommodate any request you may have.

Grammarly premium report

Don’t believe our expertise? Check our work yourself! We attach premium Grammarly reports with stats on readability and grammar for customer satisfaction.
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