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They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the reality is that the artwork of your ebook can make or break its success. Our high caliber professional ebook designs are what you would expect to find from industry-leading graphic design firms. Content Whale is a company that primarily focuses on the written word, but our quality ebook designs are second to none.

 Your ebook will be professionally designed to match your brand’s color scheme logo and font specifications. Our professional ebook creation services leave no stone unturned with both design and written content. We can create nearly any colors or graphics to give your ebook the ultimate custom design. Content Whale has an unbeatable reputation for being the best ebook writer in India. 

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1. What is ebook writing?

E-book writing is a way of presenting text in the format of a book that can be read on electronic devices like computers, phones, or other handheld devices.

E-book writing has become one of the most convenient ways of writing and publishing books over the years.

2. How do I start with writing an Ebook?

E-book writing is a detailed and extensive process but a few basic points to keep in mind while starting to write an ebook are:

  • Choose your topic based on your interest and your target audience’s demand.
  • Break down the content into chapters
  • Highlight each chapter as you go.
  • Use colors that are pleasing and that tend to increase engagement.
  • Research on the audience’s needs.
  • Highlight important sections and points.
  • Keep your writing simple and updated.

3. What are the steps to writing and selling an ebook?

E book writing and selling requires some important steps to be followed essentially:

  • Write your ebook.
  • Format it carefully.
  • Follow with proofreading it.
  • Select an attractive and trendy cover that speaks to the audience.
  • Convert the ebook.
  • Put up the ebook on a website for sale.
  • Promote it on as many platforms as your target audience will notice.

4. What kind of ebook topic should I choose if I am just starting?

If you are a beginner, you should try to choose something that you take most interest in, like cooking, adventures, fiction, thrillers, self-help, travel, fashion, business, and many more, so that you write from a place of passion and your book is original for the market.

However, you should always do extensive research on the topic that you choose before you start with ebook writing

5. What strategy must be used to earn money writing ebooks?

Although one must always hope to become a bestseller writer and earn with their first book itself, there are very few who have instantly made it writing an ebook, in the first attempt.

To earn through e book writing, you need to keep writing even after you have published one and invest in good marketing. To put out your work in the market and to promote your ebook will be your best strategy. Personal branding can help you widely with marketing your book.

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