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Content-Whale articulates content that helps increase brand awareness and boosts audience engagement with your business!

Improve Brand Recognition with Brand Awareness Posts

Blog writing is an essential tool in the online marketing and brand awareness strategy of any organization. Blogs are an excellent method of humanizing your business and can provide an interesting viewpoint for the audience.  Our team can create captivating content to help you increase brand awareness on social media. It is essential to write eloquent blogs that can be easily understood by all audiences. With SEO friendly content that can be shared on multiple social media platforms, our blogs are sure to attract large volumes of traffic to your site!

You don’t have to worry about your subject requiring in-depth knowledge and expertise. Every topic undergoes extensive research before being translated into words by our writers. We also have experienced editors who ensure the highest quality content is delivered. Everything we write is tailored to meet your expectations and that of prospective clients. At Content-Whale, we pride ourselves on immaculate content at affordable prices. We guarantee blogs that will increase brand awareness and become a must-have in your social media planner!

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1. How does a company create awareness about its products?

A company creates awareness about its products by using a comprehensive brand awareness strategy. The strategy includes targeting a specific audience that can be potential customers of the products, retargeting the audience from time to time based on their interest in the company and products, and, most importantly, generating interests for which social media platforms work wonders.

2. How to measure brand awareness?

There are several ways to measure the awareness of a brand like surveys, website traffic, qualitative data, quantitative data, reach on social media, and the data of search volume.

3. How can brand awareness be improved online?

To have a brand awareness strategy is the foremost step for increasing brand awareness. It includes using social media to share images, videos, and posts about the brand to make people aware, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the content on the website, and branding of the links.

4. What is brand recognition?

The brand’s identification by the consumers based on its logo, tag lines, ads, and packaging is called brand recognition. If a consumer does not recognize a brand, it is highly unlikely that they will purchase anything from that brand. This is where brand recognition comes into the picture.

5. What are the 5 stages of brand recognition?

The 5 stages of brand recognition are as follows.


  • Brand Rejection – Alter anything that is turning the opinion of consumers negative about the brand.


  • Non-Recognition of Brand – Highlight the product’s distinguishing features from that of the competitors.


  • Brand Recognition – Include trademarks and logos in the products so the consumers can recognize them. 


  • Preference of Brand – Add value to the products so the consumer will choose it over the products of other brands. 


  • Brand Loyalty – Continue enhancing the consumer experience, so they continue picking the products. 

6. What are some of the branding strategies?

Some of the branding strategies for brand recognition are individual branding, attitude branding, brand extension, private labels, crowdsourcing, etc.

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