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Increase the visibility and quality of your brand today with us. Content-Whale is your final stop at getting quality content at lower expenses. Get simple, yet informative blogs delivered in no time. Effective blogging is the new and easiest way of promoting your brand and spreading awareness about it. Content-Whale is one of India's biggest content writing agencies, where you can find a solution for all your content marketing problems. We have brought together a team of extraordinary writers to attend to each one of your needs. To date, we have been part of over a thousand successful projects and have provided clients with more than 1,528,900 total words.

Our writers are individually trained in blog content writing along with other customized content types. Our blog writing services have benefitted clients across the world. You, our client, are our top priority in every scenario. We take pride in delivering quality content within 48 hours. We don't compromise quality in order to achieve quantity. Choosing to work with us will not only benefit you with high-quality content for 18+ industries but also a smooth experience of professional content writing. We will never ask you to compromise your expectations when it comes to our services. Our blogs are written keeping your preferences and instructions in mind. Give your digital marketing strategy a jump start with our blog writing services today.

Benefits of working with us

  •  Content for multiple industry-related topics
  •  Unique, fresh, and out of the box content
  •  100% plagiarism-free blogs
  •  Research is the key, and we spend immense time on that
  •  Most extensive content on any topic
  •  SEO-Optimized content
  •  Inexpensive blog writing services
  •  We ensure timely submissions no matter what

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a quality blog?
2. How often should you post a blog?

The ideal frequency of posting a new blog is twice a week. But your busy schedule might not permit that. So try to maintain a posting schedule and abide by it. Consistency is the key to reaching out to your readers. Also, keep in touch with your readers not only through regular posting but email newsletters, customized messages, and social media.

3. How long should a blog post be to be effective?

This question is SEO-related. You may find that a lot of bloggers have really short blogs, but that is not ideal for a blog. Your blog has to be in the 1000-2000 words range to perform successfully. The content should be fluff-free, i.e., don't add irrelevant stuff to make your content lengthier. Attach external links to make it perform even better. Moreover, Google really loves 1500 word blogs.
But if you like data-based blog content writing, it is better to aim for more than 2000 words. Lifestyle and problem-solving blogs should be approximately 1500.

4. How to get traffic for my blog?
5. How to start blogging?

It's simple. There are a lot of free blogging sites. You can start blogging with WordPress. Download WordPress, choose the package you need, work on customizing your template and making it stand out from others. In your first ever post, always start by describing your previous works and what the reader can expect from your blogs in the future.

6. How to choose the theme?

The theme of your blogs has an effect on the traffic that you get and also the search engine ranking. Choose a theme that is easy to look at. Don't use colors that are too bright for the eyes to stand out. You can stand out by choosing a basic theme but providing extraordinary content. You can choose Zakra, Flash, Suffice, or Newspaper themes for WordPress.

7. Is it advisable to accept guest posts for my blog?

The truth is, no one will want to write a guest post for your blog if it is very new and has very little traffic. Guest posts can be a very easy way to increase traffic, though. You can use your personal contacts to introduce guest posting in your blog. And yes, you should definitely accept guest posts for your blogs to promote, gain recognition, and exposure.

8. Can a blog make immediate money?

Yes, it can. But it won't benefit you in the long term to write blogs for money only. If you work hard on building a profile and putting up quality content, it might not make you instant money but is far better for the long term. Apart from this, things like consistency, personal motivation, and goals contribute a lot. But make sure you don't accept content you don't believe in.