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Academic content writing has the primary objective of imparting knowledge and valuable information to the audience. Academic content writers ensure that the write-up is resourceful but also easy to comprehend by the readers. Such content requires many research and documentation skills, as the main objective is to provide quality information in an organized way. At Content-Whale, our prudent team of qualified academic writers research diligently and extract data from the most credible resources available on registered public domains and libraries for our clients. Educational blogs and articles should be cited appropriately and must follow a suitable style and format. The write-ups should also have no reflection of personal agenda towards objective theories and ideas. 

Here at Content-Whale, we allocate a team of writers to individual clients who are educationally qualified for the assignments and maintain an unbiased approach while writing academic blogs. Every writer follows the instructions given by our clients efficiently and delivers to-the-point articles and blogs that are curated from the best available resources, both online and offline. Our team strives to create content with precision and accuracy for researchers, students, professors, and other education industry professionals. With Content-Whale, you will find the best writers for your academic writing requirements. We are just a call away. 

Benefits of working with us

  •  Grammarly reports are attached to academic content.
  •  Qualified team of writers for niche-specific needs.
  •  Resourceful content with precise information.
  •  Research done from trustworthy sources.
  •  Information is cross-checked and verified by our editorial team.
  •  Delivery of educational write-ups before deadlines. 
  •  Round-the-clock services by our efficient team.
  •  Our writers and editors ensure plagiarism-free content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is meant by academic writing?
2. What are the qualities of an excellent academic write-up?

An academic writer should understand the instructions given for the assignment and the requirements of the content thoroughly. The writer should also use credible resources from public libraries to extract data and facts. There should be no scope of error or miscommunicated information inside an academic content.

3. What are the rules of academic writing?

The content should be well-organized, and the writer must maintain the relevance of the write-up throughout. For website content, academic blogs and articles can have an engaging tone. In non-website content such as thesis papers or dissertations, the content should always have a professional style and tone. Academic blogs and articles should be to-the-point and resourceful with readable crisp sentences. 

4. Where is academic writing used?
5. What must be avoided in academic writing?

The few things that every academic writer must avoid are: beating around the bush, not providing citations and credits, blatant plagiarism, use of informal words, not sticking to the original topic of the content, not using statistics and data from reliable sources, using imagination to invent facts on their own, not using the proper writing style for the particular write-up, etc.