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Content Whale helped us with website traffic and receive positive feedback from our clients. They facilitated a smooth working relationship by being communicative and responsive. Content Whale's team produced plagiarism-free and SEO-friendly content.

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We've been working with Content Whale for almost a year now. And it has been great working with them. They are knowledgeable and trustworthy. Content Whale's team delivers content on time and are very responsive. We're happy working with them and look forward to a lasting relationship together.


We've been working with Content Whale for about 8 months. We manage our blog and several client blogs, and they ensure that we deliver quality writing on time. Content Whale has been reliable regarding cost, and their writing quality has been consistently strong and effective.

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Email Writing is an essential skill in this technological world, as it is one of the most powerful marketing solutions for businesses to interact with their prospective clients. Clarity regarding data delivery, integrity, and the creation of strong business relationships are just a few benefits of efficient email copywriting and content writing. If you hire us, our each professional email writer is cognizant of the complexities of email writing services and follows the best practices to create emails that draw the target audience. Hence, becoming one of the best email content providers for your business emails.

Email copywriting is the art of writing intuiting emails in clear and concise language, a solid call to action to engage your target audience and encourage them to take the intended action. It is a solution that many other firms use to write cold email to their prospects in order to sell their products and services.

For example, a promotional email or a brand awareness email.

If you outsource or hire a professional email writer or agency, you will get assurance that the benefits of your products and services will be highlighted in such as way that provides a solution to the prospect's problems. The email could also be a cold email and it will include a clear call to action, such as a link to the landing page, where your prospect can learn more about your product.

Email marketing focuses on sending emails to a list of subscribers to advertise goods or services, develop relationships with customers, and boost conversions. And crafting personalized and targeted emails to engage users and evoke desired actions is the primary goal of email writing services. For optimal results, you can outsource or hire a professional email writer or email copywriter who can focus on creating effective email content using guidelines to provide you with the desired results. Content Whale is one of the best email writing service providers in India

  • Intriguing subject line - As this will be the recipient's initial impression, make sure it is concise, clear, and engaging.

  • Build a unique email - Use a tone suited to the relationship you have with the receiver while addressing them by their name.

  • Keep it short and clear - People are busy; thus, do not waste their time with complex, lengthy emails.

  • Word specific - Do not employ technical terms that the receiver might not grasp.

  • Proofread and review it - Spelling and grammar errors will give you a professional image.

You can outsource or hire our email writing services in India to get a guaranteed increase in your email conversions.

Email facilitates collaboration by offering a quick and effective method for sharing messages and information. Content Whale is one of the best email writing services providers in India, where you can take advantage of qualified email writers who adhere to email copywriting best practices to produce captivating email content. As a result, communication is more effective and efficient delivering a best-in-class conversion rate.

The best email providers for professional use are:

  • Gmail: A popular and reputable email provider with a large user base offering several features, including filtering out spam, storage space, and integration with other products from Google.

  • Microsoft Outlook: A powerful email client that is part of the Office group. Calendaring, managing tasks, and handling contacts belong to the services it provides.

  • Zoho Mail: An email service that uses cloud computing to offer a range of abilities, such as filtering spam, email storage, and communication with other Zoho products.

You can either create your email marketing campaign or outsource an affordable and effective email content writing service provider in India to efficiently use emails for your business.

Content Whale’s top-notch, professional and cold email writers offer a variety of email copywriting services and solutions to fit your unique needs and demands. The price may vary based on factors such as project difficulty, number of words, and turnaround period. You can get a custom quote from us at highly affordable rates, and our professionals will use the email copywriting best practices for your target audience. You can either contact us, or you can visit our price calculator page.

An email copywriter specializes in creating intriguing email content as they use email copywriting best practices to create convincing emails which promote the actions they want. You can outsource top-notch email writing services in India offered by us for powerful headlines, compelling body text, and clear call-to-action sentences.

With the rise of digital platforms and users shifting to digital space, there is an immense need for personalized and effective top email copywriting services and solutions. Nowadays, businesses understand the importance of effective email marketing and seek an affordable email copywriter to create appealing and relevant material. Content Whale’s solutions follow email copywriting best practices that assist businesses in achieving better results and more conversions from their promotional emails.

Gmail copywriting aims to convert your potential customers into sales by writing persuasive and engaging emails on Google’s email platform. You need to use engaging subject lines, persuasive language and concise messages to achieve the desired results. A professional email writer following email copywriting best practices could help you create a successful email copy.

Many top companies understand the significance of email copywriting services as they are among the best marketing solutions to drive traffic, lead conversion and general brand awareness. Any business or individual wanting to reach their targeted audience and drive conversions needs an email copywriter. Content Whale, a professional email writer, will understand your audience to write an effective email to achieve your marketing goals.

Since many top companies rely on email marketing to reach their target audience, email copywriting services offered by various service providers are very lucrative. Outsource Content Whale’s email copywriting services for all of your email needs. We'll use email copywriting best practices to produce interesting and profitable emails.

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Our Expert says:

Businesses today are finding new and effective ways of driving conversions. One of the most effective is personalized and psyche-centric emails with a compelling subject line.

In the corporate sector, all companies use emails as their primary method of communication, and a well-crafted email could make a significant impact. Effective email content writing plays an important role in engaging readers, building relationships with customers, and driving conversions out of the sales email written. A brief email effectively communicates a message that grabs the audience’s attention and inspires them to act. Email writing services are advantageous for businesses with limited resources. Professional email writers know the value of gathering content and can craft messages that are specific to the audience you are aiming for. Your marketing campaigns will gain overall and become more successful.

Content Whale, an email content writing service provider, is crafting engaging and persuasive email content specific to your specific requirement. Our skilled writers understand the latest email marketing trends and use that knowledge in email writing services to get better results. Whether you want emails for client outreach, newsletters, or promotional purposes, you can count on us to create content of the highest caliber and with thorough research. You can count on Content Whale us for prompt delivery and personalized service for email copywriting services. It could improve your email marketing campaigns and help your business expand. Contact us today for your email content needs!