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Elevating KUNDAN'S online presence in the jewelry sector

For the past two decades, Kundan has consistently been recognised as one of the major producers and manufacturers of gold and other precious metals. Kundan is also acknowledged as a significant importer and exporter of gold and silver in India, as they have tied up with the biggest suppliers of gold and other precious metals around the globe.

The Challenge

Limited Online Visibility
Kundan saw limited traffic online for gold/silver coins and bars, impacting sales and custom orders.
Insufficient Brand Recognition
They wanted to promote their "Zeya by Kundan" sub-brand in the competitive jewellery market.
Low E-commerce Conversions
Ineffective utilisation of the website's shop section for product sales.

How we helped them grow

Market Research
We used tools like Google Trends and SEMrush to identify key trends and customer preferences in the jewellery sector.
Content Strategy
Implemented a robust content strategy emphasising Kundan's products and their sub-brand Zeya. We focused on their craftsmanship, customisation, and quality.

The Impact that we made

Strong Brand Presence
We successfully established a solid online presence for Zeya by incorporating keywords such as “gold earrings for women” and “gold thumb ring” in the blog articles during the festive season.
Substantial Traffic Jump
Their website traffic increased in online visibility and sales for gold/silver coins and bars, going from 2,590 in Apr 2023 to 20,903 in Nov 2023
The Takeaway

By strategically highlighting their products' craftsmanship, customisation, and quality, we boosted customer trust and loyalty and significantly enhanced sales for gold/silver coins and bars. The successful execution of targeted SEO campaigns was pivotal in improving search engine rankings and driving organic traffic to Kundan's main website and the Zeya jewellery sub-brand.