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Empowering KNOWLEDGEHUT through Strategic Content Marketing

KnowledgeHut by Upgrad is a leading training provider, helping professionals across industries and sectors develop new expertise and bridge their skill gaps for recognition and growth in the global corporate world. Developed to deliver high-value training through innovative and practical approaches, KnowledgeHut offers a wide range of training, learning, and development services in technology and management.

The Challenge

Limited online visibility
They wanted to increase the reach of their online courses like product management, DevOps, and cybersecurity in the Indian market

How we helped them grow

Blueprint For Exponential Traffic
We partnered with KnowledgeHut for a 2-year content strategy to increase course visibility. Using informational keywords and premium graphics, we helped them target students and working professionals in India and make it more engaging.
Consistent Editorial Planning
We set up a monthly delivery of 12-15 SEO blogs using a content calendar. Our expert IT writers crafted content that used KnowledgeHut’s brand voice and complied with Google’s new EEAT guidelines.

The Impact that we made

Keywords Ranking
We ranked 13k+ keywords in the top-3 Google results by Sep 2023, with 65% of our total traffic coming from informational keywords such as “CISSP certification” and “PMP boot camp”.
Traffic Growth
Significant increase in online visibility for KnowledgeHut's critical courses, boosting online traffic from 278k visitors in Apr 2022 to 2M+ visitors in Sep 2023.
The Takeaway

We learned through our collaboration with KnowledgeHut that a well-researched, keyword-optimized content strategy aligned with EEAT guidelines could significantly enhance online visibility. By creating content that caters to the specific needs and queries of the target audience, we not only improved search engine rankings but also fostered meaningful engagement. This case study underscores the impact of strategic content marketing in the dynamic landscape of the education sector.