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The Best Software To Track Productivity
of Remote Workforce

Digitalization has made our lives easier than ever before. The advent of a remote workforce has revolutionized the business industry and how!

More people are tuning into the world of remote working that saves them from the clutches of restricted spaces. There are many positive changes in the lives of workers.

They can contribute more and ignite their creative self. The statistics show the same.

Reports show that working remotely grew to 44% in the past 5 years and 91% in the past 10 years.

However, this makes it more challenging for HR managers to monitor the work of employees who are working remotely.

It becomes difficult to track the productivity count of your remote workforce! How can you keep an eye on every employee at your fingertips?

Well, it is easier than you think. All you have to do is to install employee monitoring software and witness the magic unfold!

This specialized HR software will give you a clear report on the work time spent by each team member, thereby pointing to their working efficiency.

Before choosing the right employee monitoring software that suits your business needs, read about what exactly makes up this software and what it provides its users.

Here is a comprehensive analysis of the working of remote employee monitoring software and its specifications.

Have a look at the section details and get insights for boosting your business growth.

Let's start with the most basic question.

What is a remote employee monitoring software?

In simple words, remote employee monitoring software uses tools and techniques to measure the productivity of your employees in an efficient and fast-paced manner.

How cool is that? Wait till you read the rest.

The software allows employers to cast a watchful and responsible eye on the office workers, no matter where they are. It surpasses time and space to make the impossible possible.

It starts from the surface level of employee monitoring that includes optimization of time and location details and covers other individual details.

You can use the software to ensure that your teammates are on the same page and are using their working time productively. You can also get specific details about the time frame utilized by the workers and determine the status of each work.

Now that you have understood more about this remote employee monitoring software, let's get further into the business.

What good does employee monitoring software do for controlling the remote workforce? How is it beneficial for HR in SMEs?

The following section will clear all your questions and queries.

Benefits of a remote employee monitoring software

What good is installing software if it doesn't heighten the efficiency of work?

A good employee monitoring software will ensure that all your workers follow the right track and strive for better outcomes.

How does the software do that? It provides you with a progress report card for each employee, and you can find the total time they have to spend on work. It helps you to categorize the efficiency of your team members further.

Leave your instincts and trust in the software results to forge the path forward!


A productive mindset only can generate productive results. But how come you go after each employee in their respective remote workplace?

You can leave it to the remote employee monitoring software to take care of this aspect of the business. The employees will feel a sense of belonging even if they are miles away from the team.

It helps boost team spirit and thereby directly affects the productive capacity of workers.

Take the helping hand of the software and use it to achieve the maximum potential of workers.


Will you try to make fewer mistakes just because you know that the accountability is on you if it happens again? Yes, the answer is obviously yes.

What if the software in your system can hold remotely working employees accountable for their daily work? This is exactly what payroll monitoring softwares do.

The manager can virtually follow the working pattern of the employees. It will make them feel responsible and build a sense of accountability for their actions.

Continually monitor your workers and witness their actions change for the good!


As the work starts and you recruit new faces to handle different stages of the business, isn't it necessary to follow up on their actions? Yes, it is.

Especially in the case of the remote workforce, measuring the degree of engagement of workers and judging their total involvement is a difficult task.

It is practically impossible to observe and analyze the performance of each team member due to their varied geographical locations.

The software works its way through the online hurdles and makes the job easy for you! The detailed worksheet of each employee helps you compare their working potential and decide whether to continue with them or not.


There is no doubt that data is the real king in today's world. Our personal details are vulnerable to exposure and misuse.

Therefore, in every work you perform, follow all safety guidelines, and ensure that your data is in safe hands.

Highly efficient monitoring software will take care of it and lets you work in a stress-free atmosphere.

The employee monitoring software has the property to store all the relevant data at an easily retrievable position away from the possibility of a data breach.


How about getting to know the location of your employees and taking their attendance daily?

It is the most critical and crucial task of employee monitoring software. A disciplined and punctual working team could take your company a long way ahead.

The software makes use of GPS to carry out the steps accurately and in the best interests of the company.

You can monitor the movements of your workers beyond time and space!


Who can afford to lose their valuable time? Definitely not an HR of a business aiming at success.

Employee monitoring is unavoidable to ensure a smooth workflow and productive results. It is high time you leave the traditional ways of monitoring and take the aid of a software program.

You can save plenty of time and utilize it to focus on other essential areas.

Don't waste your time speculating about your remote workforce, leave it to the hands of software!

Now that you are overwhelmed by the unending benefits of employee monitoring software for your remote workforce, next comes the crucial step: Choosing the best software suitable for your unique business needs.

If you are looking out for specialized employee monitoring software that can take care of all remote workspace needs, 1HR* software is the best pick for you.

Why? What makes 1HR* so special? Read along and find out the answer.

What makes 1HR* software unique?

While looking for the best monitoring software in the market, the first thing you should focus on is the uniqueness of the product.

In terms of quality and performativity, 1HR* truly stands out as one of the best software equipped for dealing with the remote workforce. Want to know why?

Scroll through the numerous specifications and applications of the software:

Proficient time tracking tools
All employee monitoring software is equipped with time tracking tools. Wouldn't it be of any use if it's not easy to handle?

Well, all your worries are solved by 1HR* software. You can easily get updates on the time each employee login and log out for work.

You will get a detailed report on the time used by workers, all at a single touch on the screen.

If you wish to check on what your teammates are doing at any point of the day, the advanced features of the software allow for real-time monitoring services.

Track your valuable time, and encourage workers to make it worthy!

Detect app usage
Do you have any idea how frequently distracted your employees are?

Well, you will get to know it in detail if you start using 1HR* software to monitor their actions. But how?

The software has unique features that enable it to track all URLs the target system is visiting. It also gives you an idea about the apps used by employees during their working time.

You can dig further and differentiate the time used by them to work and also the time used for other activities while doing the work.

Capture screenshots
Do you know that the1HR* software will thoroughly search the screen of your workers and send screenshots of their screen?

It's just one of the many wonders installing the software into the HRMS can do. By analyzing these automated screenshots, you can check for any suspicious activity.

You can inform the employees about their screenshots being captured, and they will become extra careful when doing the job.

You can decide whether to take the screenshots or not based on your preference.

Works offline
No more fears of losing all data if the power is out suddenly!

The offline working mode of 1HR* software will take care of all your emergency interruptions. It will keep on working offline and gives you the exact results once the power is back.

All the important information will be stored in a secure and convenient place, which you can access anytime, from any device of your choice.

Relax and breathe, no more panicking.

Detailed daily reports

How about getting a detailed working report of the employees at the end of each day? It will make your job super easy.

The 1HR* software runs a thorough check on all business actions starting right from the beginning to the end of the day. After which, you will be provided with a daily chart of assessment.

Read through the reports, find who is utilizing the time effectively, and identify the best of the best.

You can determine the future business models and attribute roles to the right heads based on this comprehensive report.

Know the real potential of your employees and get them to work hard!

Safe and secure functioning
With all these benefits of the software program, there is one question that remains: How safe is the system? How reliable are its services?

The workers constantly have doubts about the level of security monitoring software provides. With 1HR* software, you don't have to worry about it anymore.

The software has clearly laid out its safety policies that make sure no data is misused. You will have everything under your control.

Make maximum use of the software and align your business structure to meet productivity goals.

Now that you got a clear idea about the numerous benefits of 1HR* software, what are you waiting for?

Choose 1HR* and change your business fortune.

Because work from home is the new normal, right?

But with it comes both pros and cons. While it provides a flexible working space for the workers, the HR manager needs to take extra care to check if everybody is on the same track.

Luckily, this digital age has given many incentives for HRs to try to multitask without facing any trouble. The seemingly complex task can be easily broken down into simple procedures with the aid of 1HR* software.

It can be increasingly beneficial for people running a small business and are recruiting a remote workforce.

The specifications mentioned above and the applications of this remote employee monitoring software will help you run the business without compromising your workforce's productivity.

Go ahead and choose 1HR*, a one-stop destination for all your HR problems!

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