8 Reasons Why Blogs and Social Media Are Crucial for Any Business

8 Reasons Why Blogs and Social Media Are Crucial for Any Business

Internet marketing is gaining popularity with each passing day. Numerous businesses and companies are gradually moving away from traditional marketing towards digital marketing.


The main reasons why people choose to advertise and promote their business or company online are:


  • Investment is less, and the ROI is quite high.


  • Through digital mediums, one can reach a large number of audiences within a short period.


  • One can choose the target audience according to their brand.


There are countless other lucrative reasons which make digital marketing appealing. Companies from different niches have given a thumbs-up and have agreed that setting up an online presence is profitable and will provide positive results in the future. If you are a fresh start-up or a well-established firm, do work on setting up an excellent online presence as you do not want to be left behind in this digital age!


One of the most important tools of digital marketing is ‘content marketing.’ Content marketing is the process of curating original, engaging, and high-quality content and marketing it across various online channels like social media, search engines, e-mail, online advertisements, and many more.

Two main elements of content marketing that will help any business tremendously are blogs and great social media campaigns. Let us now understand in detail about blogs and social media and check out the need of blogs and the social media importance for business.


What are blogs and social media posts?


A blog is an informative post that is published on the website. The blog is a lengthy post (the word count generally ranges between 600-1000) and covers all the details about a particular topic. Blogs are published on the website to gain traffic and to provide information and news about the latest updates to the people!


For example, if you have a technology-based company, you can curate blogs on “Difference between AR and VR,” or “Best Mobile Phones under 20K” or any trending topic.


Make sure to use at least 2-3% keyword density and insert only relevant keywords. Give a catchy title and use ample subheadings to make the blog interesting. And do not forget to give a proper introduction and conclusion.



Now, let us understand why is social media important today? Most people have at least one or many social media accounts and are present on at least a couple of social media sites. This makes social media one of the best platforms to advertise or reach out to the target audience.


Some of the leading social media sites include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and many more. If you want to catch the user’s eye, make the content short and crisp, and use an attractive background image. Good copy lines and post lines will help your business page tremendously.


So now that the basics like what social media posts and blogs are have been covered, let us now focus on the need and importance of blogs and the importance of social media for business.


Benefits of social media for business and the importance of a blog on the website


Here are some of the benefits of investing in social media and blog posts to help your company grow on a digital medium. Both blogs and social media campaigns are crucial if you want to achieve a solid and noteworthy online presence.


Need and importance of blogs for business


  • Educating your clients and customers: Blogs are posted on the internet to provide information. Blogs help in educating the customers and readers about the latest trend in the particular field. Posting blogs based on your business domain helps the reader connect with your business (products or services) better.


  • Displays reliability and trustworthiness: Posting blogs frequently helps in improving the authenticity of the brand. Publishing engaging and well-researched content regarding your business domain enhances integrity and gives the reader a feeling that the company knows what they are doing. For example, if you sell clothes, post blogs frequently on trending fashion topics!

  • Boost your rank on the search engine: Posting more blogs with good keyword density and proper format will improve your search engine ranking. A good search engine rank means more visibility.


  • Attract organic traffic to your website: Another benefit of blogs in business is organic traffic. People visiting your blogs will land on your site if you blog about educating topics and impress them. So, curate highly engaging and interactive blogs to lure traffic. Good blogs will ensure that the traffic also comes on your website and takes an interest in your products or services.


  • Portrays that your business is very much running: Posting blogs frequently denotes that your business is alive. Posting blogs on the latest trends assures customers and readers that you have knowledge in that particular domain, and the company is continuously keeping up with the trends.


  • Understand the customers better: Posting blogs based on your business domain and the latest updates in that sector helps reach out to the target audience. The readers also share their views and comments on the blogs, which will help you better understand the customer base.


  • Let people know about your business updates: Publishing content in the form of press releases helps in reaching out to the customer in an effective and fast way. Through blogs and PR content, a business can also inform the customers or clients about the recent changes or updates in the company.


  • Brand awareness: Publishing blogs daily or at least thrice a week works wonders for any business. The two main advantages of publishing blogs are that the readers get to learn something new, and they will check out the blog frequently, which will increase the traffic. Good traffic, along with correctly formatted and curated blogs, will help in improving the search engine rank. Posting blogs frequently will also help in driving customers to land on your website. Either way, blogs help in brand awareness.


 Eight reasons to choose social media


  • Brand recognition: Most of the people are present on social media and have at least one social media account. Promoting your business (products or services) across various social media channels will help gain more followers and boost brand recognition.


  • Excellent customer service: Businesses can use social media to interact with customers and to gain their feedback. Social media can be utilized to trace what customers feel about the brand, and the company can rectify the issues accordingly. You can also chat with the customers or manage their problems through the social media platform.


  • Provides proof: Posting social media posts frequently and uploading work culture photos help in increasing trust. An active and good social media page helps boost confidence and proves that the company is not fake.


  • Expand network: As thousands of people are present on social media platforms, it is easy to create an extensive network. If a person likes your brand, he (or she) will encourage his (or her) friends and followers to look into your brand. And this gives birth to a vast network of followers. So post engaging posts that will help in setting up a large follower base.

  • Manage reputation: Through social media sites, the company can track what people feel and what they are talking about your brand by analyzing the comments. By examining this, the company can manage its reputation and rectify their errors.


  • Helps increase website traffic: You can drop a link to the company’s website on your business page on social media. People will come and check. This will help in increasing the traffic flow on your website.


  • Reach out to the correct audience: It is necessary not simply to promote your business amongst the masses but to reach out to the right audience. This will help in improving customer retention as well as sales.


  • Can run ads and gain new leads: Social media sites have a feature of running ads. So you can promote your brand and reach out to a large group of the target audience by setting up ad campaigns.


 How frequently must a business upload blog and social media posts?


The frequency of posting blogs depends on company size, business type, competitor’s analysis, and many more. Carry out competitor analysis and figure out how many blogs they are posting and set your planner accordingly.


In general, small companies can aim towards posting at least 2-3 blogs every week, whereas large companies can try and post a new blog every day.


The main point to remember here is to focus both on quantity and quality. Even if you post content every day, but the quality of content is not up to the mark, then you will not receive much traffic. So always ensure to publish quality and engaging content even if you can post only 2-3 blogs!


If you have the resources, try to post across various social media channels every day. If not, at least try to post at least thrice every week.

Focus more on curating engaging copy and post lines and create attractive graphics to lure the users.


Bottom line


Numerous companies worldwide have started taking the help of the internet to promote their brand and boost their sales. One of the best ways to magnify brand recognition and get a good rank on the search engine is by posting content in the form of blogs and social media posts frequently. Make sure that you make a habit of posting at least 2-3 blogs and 3-4 social media posts weekly to gain proper brand recognition and boost customer base.


1. Why is publishing blogs necessary for a business?

Publishing blogs frequently helps a business to grow tremendously on online platforms. It helps in gaining more traffic and quality customers and helps in boosting the search engine rank.

2. Why is social media important currently?

Most of the population is available on social networking sites. Social media sites can be used to market, promote, or advertise any brand effectively. Within a short period, a company can gain a vast network of followers.

3. How can a business use social media to benefit from it?

Social media can be used to gain brand recognition quickly within a short time. Businesses can also set up ad campaigns to get healthy leads.

4. What role does social media play?

Social media plays an indispensable role in boosting the online presence of any business. Since lakhs of people use social media sites each day, it is one of the best platforms to reach out to a large group of audience within a few days.

5. Do blogs aid in boosting sales?

Blogs help in boosting sales indirectly. Posting more engaging and quality blogs will gain more traffic who will also land on your website and may be interested in your work! That way, you can earn many potential customers.

6. How can one increase blog visibility?

One can increase blog visibility by posting original and well-researched content. Make the content interactive and ensure that you curate engaging content. Add appropriate keywords and maintain correct keyword density. Indulge in proper editing and formatting. And finally, add proper meta-title and meta-description and induce keywords. This will ensure that a good amount of readers land on your webpage, increasing the traffic. More traffic means more visibility. Also, promote your blogs on social media platforms to increase visibility.

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Best Tips Which Will Help Your Content Gain More Personality!

8 Reasons Why Blogs And Social Media Are Crucial For Any Business

Most marketers worldwide have started using digital marketing to promote a particular product (or service) or their entire brand. Digital marketing has become a firm favorite of many marketers and businesses (be it start-ups or well-established firms) as it helps in reaching large crowds within a short time and with a low budget.

One of the main elements of digital marketing is content marketing. In content marketing, companies use quality and engaging content and present it in blogs, videos, social media posts, webinars, and in many more ways. Excellent content and effective marketing help the company to gain proper brand recognition and boosts sales.

Let us now understand the importance of content for branding and discuss some tips to make your content more attractive if you are a writer.


What is content writing?

Content writing is the process of curating original, well-researched, and engaging content to lure traffic to the website or other online platforms. Content writing and marketing are necessary to provide information to readers.

Content writing is not limited to website content and blogs. Content writing is a vast domain that includes curating content for websites, webinars, videos, press releases, promotions and advertisements, social media platforms, case studies, and many more.

Numerous content writers are spread across the globe. A content writer cannot provide different types of content like copywriting, articles, website content, emails, etc. with the same level of ideas and content. There are specific writers for each domain who have experience and expertise in providing accurate and perfect content.



 Importance of effective content


Content plays an indispensable role in this digital age. Good content can work wonders for the brand and help them to grow tremendously. Some of the advantages of posting effective content or using content for advertising include:


1. Good website content helps in engaging the traffic and turning them into potential customers.


2. Engaging articles and blogs help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and aid in boosting the rank. Quality blogs and articles also help gain more traffic and land some readers on the primary website.


3. Good copywriting makes the social media presence more attractive, which results in gaining more followers. Social media posts and ads help tremendously in brand promotion.


4. Good e-mailers are necessary to attract your clients or customers and have a good relation with them.


5. Conducting webinars and Q&A sessions help in understanding and engaging with your customer base better.


6. Apart from this, companies can create FAQ pages, post videos, curate case studies, publish press releases, and do other promotional activities, keeping good content as the base.

These are a few types of content writing that most businesses use during different stages of their development. Good and effective content never fails to attract customers and helps in boosting sales and retaining them.


How to become a good content writer?


There are hundreds of content writers present out there. The requirement for content writers is increasing with each passing day because many companies and marketers are shifting towards digital marketing.


It is necessary to become a good content writer to provide engaging content to the companies and earn decent money. Companies are looking for quality content writers who are up-to-date with the latest trends and can work diligently according to the changing market trends. The writer must have knowledge of content writing for brands and curate original and well-researched content.


A person inspiring to become a writer can read about content writing tips for beginners and can also take a content writing course (online or classroom). Benefits of content writing course include curating quality content, using proper grammar, polishing the content, improved speed, and many more.


If you are thinking of becoming a content writer, or are a new content writer, go through the following points to make your content more attractive and engaging.


Tips to make your content more attractive


Here are some tips and tricks which will help a new content writer or a person aspiring to become a writer to make his (or her) content more engaging and attractive:


  • Engaging and interactive content: The main point to remember which will make your content more appealing and earn you more traffic is to make your content engaging. People don’t want to read long and monotonous paragraphs written only around one or two concepts. People seek informative data, which will help them solve their issues or doubts. So, make sure to provide relevant content that urges the traffic to read the entire content. Also, ensure that you are not merely putting out information but also providing interactive content that helps the reader relate to your content. Writing quality and interactive content will definitely add more value to your writing piece.


  • Conduct research about your audience: Before directly diving into the writing journey, it is vital to research the target audience. Knowing their age, gender, what kind of content they like, how strong their vocabulary is, and many other factors help a writer tremendously. A writer can get a basic idea of what kind of content to curate so that his (or her) material is preferred and loved by all. Conducting research will also help choose which title to write next, according to the trend and the reader’s preference. Also, whenever you get a chance, interact with your readers like conducting polls on social media on what to write next or create a small quiz so that you can better understand your readers. Don’t forget to take a glimpse at the comments now and then to understand what readers feel about your content and always be open to positive criticism and work on it.


  • A clean format: As a writer, always ensure that you are not writing long paragraphs. It will only make the reader lose interest quickly and hop to another page. Instead, create short paragraphs (of 3-4 lines) and provide ample sub-headings throughout your content. In the case of emailers, leave sufficient space between two paragraphs to give a clean look. In the case of social media posts, use short copy lines, and curate an eye-catching background graphic to make it look appealing.


  • Connect to the readers on an emotional ground: This will help you retain the past readers and gain more readers. Try to connect with readers emotionally and personally. Share your personal life experience or find common ground between you and readers and get to them. Do not shy away from using ample power words as it will help in engaging the readers.


  • Indulge in editing and proofreading: As a writer, you must not only have a persuasive writing style and good hold over vocabulary, but you must also have the patience to edit and proofread the content written by you. Sound editing and proofreading skills are an absolute must for a content writer. Editing and proofreading will not only help in minimizing errors but will also help in polishing the content. Develop your editing and proofreading skills as it will help you deliver perfect and quality content.


  • Convey a powerful or informative message: Readers want content that is highly informative or engaging. A person will only invest time reading your content if it is unique or helps him (or her) in some way. So, always ensure that you stick to your title and give proper information (or solution), which will help the readers. Always convey a strong and powerful message and never forget to provide a suitable conclusion to your content. If possible, try to narrate your content in the form of a story.


  • Be original and never forget to research: This is one of the most important things to keep in mind while going on a writing journey. The content which you are curating must be 100% unique and well-researched to get a good rank on search engines as well as attract traffic. If you talk in-depth about a topic, people appreciate the amount of information they get, which will lead to a rise in your traffic level.


  • Be diligent: The market is highly volatile, and the content market welcomes countless trends every year. So as a writer, you must always be ready to learn and keep up with the current trends. A writer must be diligent to succeed and create lucrative content. Also, content writing skills cannot be gained in a single day. So keep practicing writing every day. This will help you achieve precision and speed and will help you in becoming a good content writer.


Bottom Line


Numerous businesses and companies use digital marketing as it provides practical and feasible ways to market a brand with a minimal budget and short duration. Content marketing includes curating appropriate and original content and marketing it across various online platforms. A business or company needs good content (for their website, blogs, social media platforms, webinars, product or service description, emailers, case studies, etc.) to grow effectively.


This has led to an increase in demand for good content writers. To become a good content writer, one needs a passion for writing and a good hold over the language. Apart from that, take note of the tips given above to improve your writing style and make your content more attractive.


1. How to make your content better?

A content writer must be diligent. He (or she) must stay updated with all the content marketing trends to know how to curate content effectively. One must read and practice writing every day to improve the writing style. Carrying out ample research about the topic and understanding the audience will also help in making the content better.

2. How to write on a challenging topic?

Writers often come across topics that they find challenging to write. In those cases, the writer must carry out sufficient research about the topic and understand it so that he (or she) can put together a decent piece of content.

3. How to curate engaging content?

Catchy content helps to keep the reader engaged. As a writer, make sure that your writing style is correct, and your content is interactive. Add sufficient power words and make sure your content connects with the reader.

4. Is content writing a vital element of digital marketing?

Content writing and its marketing are among the main elements of digital marketing as marketing original content across various channels helps in brand recognition and boosting sales.

5. How can content help a business?

Content is required to create a good website, active social media presence, emailers, press releases, etc. Good and compelling content will lure traffic towards your company and turn them into potential customers.

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Statement of Purpose for Study Visa in Canada

Statement of Purpose for Study Visa in Canada

Students after 12th or graduation opt to go to an abroad university to pursue further education. Studying abroad allows students to get exposed to a world full of opportunities while learning about different cultures. There are many good universities spread across the globe. So depending on your preferred stream and country, you can choose a college.


If your choice of country is Canada, it is good as Canada houses many quality universities that offer a good education, college life, and lucrative future scope.

To get into a college in Canada, you need to get a study Visa approval. Getting the stamp of approval from the immigration officers can be a bit difficult.

So supporting your application with a unique and engaging SOP is necessary to clear the study Visa process and get into your dream college.

Also, the competition can be heavy for your dream college, so it is necessary to stand out from the crowd. A well-presented SOP can do wonders and help you get into your dream university.

Statement of purpose needs to be perfect and appealing so if you are a writer, don’t worry, there are a few content writing agencies that will help you with your SOP.

Content-Whale is one such company that provides quality SOP writing services. We polish your SOP and make it interesting so that it stands out from others.


How will a good SOP help you?

A good SOP has all the information about the student. A unique and strong SOP can do wonders for a student and help him (or her) clear the visa process and get into a dream college.

If you are planning to pursue education from any abroad university, make sure that you keep a good SOP ready. A proper SOP must contain basic information about your educational background, past internships, and work experience. Along with the basic details, add information about your achievements and courses which you have done to improve your knowledge and skill sets and make it intriguing. Add details about your interests, hobbies, your strengths, and weaknesses, and try to add a personal touch to your SOP.

And finally conclude your SOP by adding, why you chose that particular stream, university, and country.

A good SOP will help your college applications tremendously and aid in surviving the competition.


Which courses in Canada require SOP?

SOP is required to clear the student visa procedure and to get into your dream college. Most of the foreign universities demand SOP as it helps them understand if you would be the right fit for their university.


Refer to the following list of UG courses in Canada that require a good and engaging SOP:

Bachelor’s in biotechnology

Hotel management

Hospitality management

Advanced Diploma in International hotel management

Fashion technology


Bachelor’s degree in science

Bachelor’s degree in law


Refer to the following list of PG courses in Canada that require a strong and appealing SOP:

MS in cybersecurity

MS in digital marketing

MS in biosciences and healthcare

MS in forestry and agricultural science

MS in renewable energy/ Earth science

MS in information system

MS in nanotechnology

MS in geology

MS in architecture

MS in engineering (all fields)




SOP sample format for Universities in Canada

The immigration officers and college officials receive countless college applications each year. So they do not invest much time in a single application. So concentrate more on quality rather than quantity. Don’t make your SOP too long or boring.

We at Content-Whale make the best and lucrative SOP. We add the right amount of information and add a creative touch to it to catch the eye of the officials.

It is necessary to follow the correct SOP format. Split the entire SOP into short paragraphs and don’t make it too lengthy. Add all the important details like your educational background and work experience. Make the SOP short yet crisp.

Applying for a university in Canada? We will provide the best SOP to clear the student visa and land in your dream college!


Student Visa/ Study Visa Permit- Canada

Since the competition is very high, the immigration officers analyze the applications thoroughly before granting a student visa. So, if you want to clear the visa process, carry a strong SOP with you. Along with SOP, also make sure that you ace the interview and answer honestly and confidently.

Also, education in Canada is slightly on the expensive side. So make sure that you can display that you have ample money to pay for the tuition fee and can survive in that country as student visa officers also check this.


SOP for business stream

A student must curate a good SOP for business management in Canada. SOP is required for business studies like BBA, MBA, marketing, and similar streams. SOP for business management must contain all the details like your educational details, what courses have you done to enhance your knowledge and skills, and why do you want to pursue business management. SOP of MBA in Canada must be curated properly as the competition is high and the immigration officials only approve the applications with a strong and genuine SOP.


How will Content-Whale help you to get into your dream college?

Content-Whale is a content writing agency in Mumbai, India. We offer more than 42 different kinds of services and one of them is, we curate engaging statements of purpose. We believe that a good SOP can help you land in your dream college. So, we ensure that a student gets the best quality SOP, which he (or she) can use to clear the visa process and get into the college of his (or her) preference.

We add all the necessary details, follow the format according to the stream, and curate a perfect SOP that speaks the truth about you and in an interesting manner.

We understand the importance of a good SOP and how it will affect the chances of the student getting into his (or her) dream college, so we offer the best SOP writing services.

Our team of writers has experience and expertise in curating a good SOP. We provide perfectly formatted and strong SOP at a reasonable cost.

Want to land into your dream college but lack writing skills? Don’t worry, Content-Whale is here to help!

Bottom Line

Students prefer to apply to abroad universities for their graduation or post-graduation courses. It helps them to learn more and gain new experiences.

Canada is one of the most preferred countries for higher education. They house some of the elite universities and offer good education and great future scope. So if you want to clear the student visa and want to get into your dream college, prepare a great and engaging SOP.


A statement of purpose is necessary if you are applying for an abroad university. The SOP must contain all the information about yourself (like education details, work experience, achievements, and many more). Ensure that only true data is added to the SOP but is presented appealingly. The SOP will help you clear the study visa process and will help you get into a good college.


There are many content writing agencies and content writers who help in curating the best SOP. So, if you are applying to an abroad university but lack good writing skills, don’t worry, simply take the help of professionals. This will ensure that your SOP is appealing and unique and helps you get into your dream college!


Contact Us

We provide SOP writing services. If you are planning to study in an abroad university and want to get into your dream college, don’t worry! We have got you covered.

To know more about SOP writing services or to clarify any doubts, feel free to reach out to us.

Call us at 91 9324410153

Email at us: business@content-whale.com



1. How does a good website content help a business?

The website is the face of a company. People check the website to get an idea of the company. So posting quality website content is necessary, as it will not only help in luring traffic but also help in turning them into potential customers.

2. How to check if your website content is original?

It is necessary to post original content on your website for SEO purposes and also ensures that you don’t land into any legal trouble.

There are numerous software (both free and paid) available on the Internet these days that you can use to check the originality.

All you need to do is copy and paste the content, and it will give you a report of how much percentage of the content is original.

3. Can any content writer curate website content?

There are more than 30 different types of content. Not all types of content can be curated by a content writer. There are website writers who analyze your company and curate suitable website content. The tone, language, and format of website content is entirely different from other forms of content.

4. How to check the quality of website content?

One can check the quality of website content by taking a quick glimpse or skimming. There are many free and paid software that help in proofreading the piece.


1. Is SOP required to study in Canada?

Yes, SOP is required to study in Canada. Most of the universities in Canada demand a strong SOP. Statement of Purpose is also required to clear the immigration process and get a student visa.

2. Why is SOP required for a Study Visa?

Statement of purpose (SOP) talks about the student and why is the student a perfect fit for a certain university or course. SOP is required to clear the visa process. It is necessary to create a strong and unique SOP to clear the immigration process and get into the dream college.

3. What is the format of SOP?

The SOP must not be too long and must be divided into paragraphs. Try talking about your educational background and past work experience. Add details about courses or projects which you have done to improve your skill set. Talk about extra-curricular activities and give a SWOT analysis of yourself. Finally conclude your SOP by talking about why you chose the particular country, stream, and university.

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Get Affordable and Quality Content Writing Services from Content-Whale!

Get Affordable and Quality Content Writing Services from Content-Whale!

Content is everywhere. Starting from the videos you see, the blogs you read, to the websites and social media pages, the base of a successful online platform is good content.

Good and original content not only helps in attracting customers and boosting sales but also helps tremendously in brand recognition and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Original and engaging content attracts traffic and helps in increasing the rank of a website. Hence, the website content must be engaging, and blogs (based on trending topics) must be updated frequently in order to get a boost in the rank.

Posting interactive, informative, and eye-catching content on social media platforms will help in improving brand awareness.


Content creation and marketing is not cornered only to social media content, website content, articles, and blogs, but is a vast field with massive options. There are more than 40 types of content writing services, and depending on the type of industry and working model, the content requirement varies.


Marketers and brands have voted content marketing to be one of the best ways to reach out to the target audience and improve their business.


Read ahead to understand what is content writing and how a content writing agency in Mumbai or any part of the world helps you to grow your business.


What is content writing, and why is it important?


Content writing is the process of curating original and relatable content which will be published online for the sake of marketing and to spread information. There are different kinds of content writers in Mumbai and India who curate content for various online platforms like websites, videos, social media platforms, etc.


Content writing is crucial as it is the base to set up an excellent online presence. Good content not only lures traffic but helps them turn into potential customers.


Original and engaging content will help a company in Mumbai or anywhere around the globe to survive online competition.


While posting content online, you are not only competing with companies from a specific location but are competing against the companies spread across the globe.

For example, if you are a finance company based in Mumbai, you will not only be competing with finance companies from Maharashtra but with all the finance companies from all around the world.


Hence to survive this cut-throat competition, you need to create a strong presence and post engaging and informative content frequently. This will not only help you gain success and money but also make your company accessible and popular!


There are numerous content writers and content writing agencies in Mumbai and many parts of the world who will help you curate the best content for your online platforms. You can search for content writing companies online and reach out to obtain their services.


Don’t have time? Don’t you want to spend time writing? Don’t have great knowledge of content writing?

Don’t worry! Just take the help of a content writing service provider and improve your brand’s online presence.


What are the different types of content writing services?


Content writing is the process of creating original and engaging content for online platforms. They help in building customer relationships and improving sales.


There are countless fields in which content writing is required.

Some of the basic and popular ones are:


  1. Article and blog writing: Articles and blogs are published frequently to provide information and lure traffic to the website.
  2. Website content writing: Good and engaging website content is necessary to get a good SERP rank and gain customers.
  3. Copywriting: Good copy lines help in brand awareness. It helps in gaining followers.


Apart from these, companies require professional Email content to send it across to their clients or customers.

Brands require good video and webinar content to boost brand awareness.

Students require a good resume or statement of purpose to get into their dream job or college.

The need for excellent and original content is never-ending.

Technical writing is used to make people understand about your products in detail.

Some other content writing services include a press release, news, essay writing, FAQ writing, tutorial content, step-by-step guide, and many more.


Why choose a content writing agency in Mumbai or any content writing agency?


A company can choose to set up an in-house team of writers, or hire a few freelancers, or work with content writing agencies.

While the decision rests on the company, most of the companies hire firms to curate their content. Some of the pros of taking the help of a content writing firm include:


  1. Efficiency: Content writing agencies not only guarantee quality but also quantity. They have a team of professional writers who can curate content for any industry. The turn-around time is less, and within a short period, the agencies can complete bulk projects (more than 25,000 words). Some agencies also offer express services in which bulk and quality content are delivered within a couple of days.


2. Affordability: Hiring and training an in-house team is quite expensive. Also, companies have to pay for office space, transport and offer other allowances. In the case of content writing agencies, all you have to do is pay for the number of words you get.

3. Wide range of services: Content writers cannot curate all kinds of content required to gain an excellent online presence. There are different writers for different requirements. Like a website writer cannot do copywriting. A blog writer cannot curate tutorial content. So, depending on the type of service you require, you need to choose the writer. It is better to take the help of a content writing company as they have writers who have expertise and experience in curating any content. Content writing companies offer a wide range of services that are affordable as well as are of exceptional quality.


4. Save time and efforts: By taking the help of a content writing agency, a company does not need to spend much time and effort in hiring and training them. Content writing companies have experienced writers, and all you need to do is provide basic requirement details and get beautifully curated content written.


These are some of the underlying reasons to choose a content writing agency.

There are many content writing companies in Mumbai, but it is necessary to choose the company which provides the best content writing services in Mumbai. Even if your company is not based in Mumbai, you can outsource the requirement from any part of the world.

How will Content-Whale help you?


Content-Whale is a content writing agency in Mumbai. We offer more than 40 different kinds of writing services and cater to the needs of clients from all around the globe.

We have worked with some famous brands and leading companies.

The reason why organizations prefer our services are:

  1. Affordability: We provide quality content at a reasonable cost. We believe that money must not hinder the growth of your organization. So our rates start at as low as 1INR per word.


2. Professionalism: We ensure that the service we provide is perfectly curated. We ensure that we satisfy the requirements of the clients efficiently and leave no room for dissatisfaction.


3. Experienced team: We have a team of experienced writers who have expertise in writing content. The work is also checked and polished by our editorial team to make the content perfect.


4. Quick delivery: We offer speedy delivery services. If you need content urgently, we have got you covered.


5. Work every day: We work all-year-round. So you can get content even during the weekends or festive times. Don’t worry, even if you are on holiday, we work so that your business never takes leave.


6. Attach premium reports: We not only promise quality but also ensure that the clients receive proper content. We add premium Grammarly and plagiarism reports so that our clients can be guaranteed that we have provided high quality and original content.


Bottom Line


You would have heard of the saying, “Content is King”. Content is called the king because it plays a significant role in setting up a good online presence and improving any business.


Good, engaging, original, and informative content can do wonders for your company.


One cannot stress enough the importance of content in today’s digital age. Good content can make a business grow while poor and copied content can even drown one.


So, if you are a company thinking to set up an online presence or hoping to boost your digital presence, take the help of professional writers to curate content for you. There are many content writing firms that will help you set up the best online presence for a reasonable price.


Contact us:


We offer more than 42 types of best content writing services in Mumbai. We are based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and cater to the needs of clients across the globe.

Reach out to us at business@content-whale.com

Or call us on +91 9324410153.


1. How does a good website content help a business?

The website is the face of a company. People check the website to get an idea of the company. So posting quality website content is necessary, as it will not only help in luring traffic but also help in turning them into potential customers.

2. How to check if your website content is original?

It is necessary to post original content on your website for SEO purposes and also ensures that you don’t land into any legal trouble.

There are numerous software (both free and paid) available on the Internet these days that you can use to check the originality.

All you need to do is copy and paste the content, and it will give you a report of how much percentage of the content is original.

3. Can any content writer curate website content?

There are more than 30 different types of content. Not all types of content can be curated by a content writer. There are website writers who analyze your company and curate suitable website content. The tone, language, and format of website content is entirely different from other forms of content.

4. How to check the quality of website content?

One can check the quality of website content by taking a quick glimpse or skimming. There are many free and paid software that help in proofreading the piece.

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