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Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media is an integral element of internet marketing. Any company or business prefers to use social media to expand its consumer base and to promote brand awareness. A lot of companies rely heavily on social media marketing strategies to exploit social media platforms productively.


Even then, how come most companies are not able to make the most of this gold mine of a digital marketing tool?

-Because they do not have the best social media campaign.


The social media marketing strategy you select should reflect your values and be the absolute right fit for what you are trying to get out there. The number of followers, likes, and shares are significant, sure, but is this enough to set you apart from billions of competitors out there?

The critical element of social media marketing is customer engagement through enthralling content. Keep your customers happy and satisfied by solving their queries and satisfying their demands.


  • How to keep them engaged through your social media marketing strategy


Before jumping into social media marketing, make sure to study and understand your audience thoroughly.


If you know who you wish to target, you will be able to improve your social media engagement. Facebook and Youtube are both prime places to showcase your ads. In matters like this, it is best to consult professionals who know their job and how to get it done in a better way. Many content writing agencies curate the best campaigns and write the best copy and post lines.

Take an example: Most of the people on Instagram are young adults or teenagers. These people are looking for eye-catching content that blows them away. The material they see needs to be dynamic, unique, fresh, and eye-popping.


Pinterest is another popular social media platform, and if we look at the facts, Pinterest has more women audience than men. This tells you that if you want your brand to get more attention on this platform, it needs to lean towards what women want to see. If your products are female-specific, this social platform is your go-to place.


  • Social Media Campaign Time!


You can even style your social media account to make it more attractive and interactive. A successful social media campaign will go a long way. It has to be relatable and well-connected with your brand. Set up a campaign, which attracts thousands of people, which will in-turn help in brand-awareness. It also helps in leaving a mark in the minds of the masses.

Always remember that there are thousands of companies competing for the same crowd in the same industry. Make sure to set the best social media campaigns which will gain more traffic and make your ad stand unique amongst the crowd.


What you need is a social media marketing strategy entailing a couple of ideas for social media campaigns that bring attention to your brand name. This is usually done by using ongoing trends and facts. These trends are infused with the brand name to make it successful.


Lots of social media campaigns have gone viral and got everybody talking. The strategy is the key here, but the execution is just as important. We focus equally on both to get the best results.


  • More Videos Equals More Viewers- Improve Your Social Media Video Marketing


Social media video marketing is another trick to keep your brand relevant in today’s competitive world.


People want videos, and it is our job to give the people what they want. Your brand’s viewership can increase exponentially just by jazzing up your video content. Apart from videos, infographics are also a great way to catch the attention of social media users.


To market any business or brand properly, one will require different kinds of content for different types of platforms. Video content and how they are designed needs to vary depending on the platform they’ll be shared on. YouTube videos need to keep the audience engaged for a good 3-5 minutes. They need to be detailed when it comes to information, and they must have a proper storyline, along with a fixed introduction and conclusion. However, Instagram video content is very different. It needs to convey information in under a minute and need not be extremely detailed. The content needs to be catchy and easily understandable to all.


  • Correct metrics for measurement


The right social media marketing strategy or a mind-blowing social media campaign is not enough.

Learn to measure your success and reach of the campaign frequently. Once you’ve understood your target audience and created content just for them, you also need to measure its reach success. Almost all social media platforms provide insights and stats to measure how well your brand is doing.


You can’t judge solely based on how many people follow, like, or share your content. There are different metrics you should use to compare various factors. If you want to increase customer retention, then you should go for sentimental social media video marketing or campaigns. Testimonials and emotional content help a lot when it comes to customer retention. If you’re looking to check the conversion rate, then you should observe how many people were directed to your website from your content. The difference between the number of people viewing your content and the number of people signing up should tell you a lot. A vital stat that budding entrepreneurs forget to note is the number of people they turn into their advocates.


  • Get them talking about your brand!


A brand can achieve skyrocketing success with a lot of help from word-of-mouth. When it comes to social media strategy, it is essential to note whether people are turning into advocates. This is analogous to word-of-mouth in real life. You can measure it via comments, mentions, tags, retweets, etc. If you have more people talking about your product, you’ll become more noticeable. It will get harder for people to ignore what you are selling, and that is precisely what we wish to achieve.

Conversion rates double when a proper social media marketing proposal is followed to keep a check on the number of people who recommend the brand to others. We should also keep in mind the type of content that drove them to spread the word, so we may produce more of that content. Make sure to alter your content according to the present trends.


Most start-ups don’t have enough time or resources to gather this data, analyze it, and build a proper social media strategy to elevate success.


  • Check your competitors-avoid similar social media strategies


The work does not end here. Apart from knowing how well your start-up is doing, you must know how well others are doing as well.


If they’re better at the social media game, we need to know why. There will be countless companies trying to establish their businesses in the same industry. This ensures that there are multiple social media marketing strategies in a single sector. The social media marketing strategy we implement needs to give us an edge and keep us one step ahead of our fellow competitors.



  • What does not work when it comes to your social media engagement?


There are so many products being sold today and so many companies trying so hard to be seen, that it’s almost impossible to come across as different. Even social media marketing strategies, social media video marketing ideas, or social media campaigns begin to seem repetitive as if rehashed from older stock.


Customers are tired of being treated in the same manner. They are tired of being sold the same things in different packages. They are tired of being talked at, but not spoken to. The issue that remains ignored is: our customers need to know they aren’t mere customers to us. We are not only trying to sell them something all the time. We need to inspire them, motivate them, and encourage them. We have to seem worthy of their acceptance and approval. The conversation must not be one-sided. Instead, try listening to the queries and issues of your customers and interact with them sufficiently.


Make sure your customers’ experiences are used as feedback and keep improving accordingly. The more we get people talking to each other through a planned strategy, the easier it becomes to seem pleasurable and competent.




All brands need to expand, and all brands must have an identity. Businesses can utilize various social media platforms to create or re-create their identities in front of their customers. Social Media is a game-changer, and it should be utilized in a proper way to gain maximum advantage through campaigns. It can take your brand to great heights or render it irrelevant. It is a boon as well as a bane. But, if you do follow the right advice and consult the right people, you could easily find your way out of this labyrinth and achieve great heights.

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Top 10 Mobile Marketing Tips That Drive Leads and Sales

Top 10 Mobile Marketing Tips That Drive Leads and Sales

Mobile marketing is a marketing strategy where companies promote their products in the form of texts, graphics, and voice messages. These promotional messages are sent to cell phones, smartphones, and other mobile devices. The mobile marketing process might also include various app marketing strategies. In this process, the companies target their customers via various mobile applications. When done right, mobile marketing techniques can reach thousands of potential customers with personalized messages. This further helps the company to open up numerous business opportunities.

App marketing ideas and the role of mobile devices

In this era, where mobile devices are an integral part of everyone’s day-to-day life, many small and big companies are resorting to mobile marketing. It will not be a lie if we say that each company is trying to compete with others by putting the best foot forward and bring the best app marketing ideas to the table.

Mobile marketing strategy to grow your business

Mobile marketing techniques are all about going the right way to find those customers. If you are still dependent upon the traditional marketing ideas, in an era where mobile and online marketing is becoming a landmark cusp of change in marketing scenario, then you are at a loss.


Reaching the right set of customers with app marketing strategies

It would be easier to reach the right customer demographics with the help of the mobile marketing strategy. With the right app marketing strategy, the small and big businesses would be able to reach the right set of clients and customers.  Some reports state that more than 40% of mobile users spend their internet time on mobile devices, which is a great percentile for business promotion.

App marketing strategy to increase your sales

To know more about mobile marketing strategy, business owners should be aware that there are:

  •  App-based marketing: As most people spend their time on different kinds of apps while using their mobile devices, app-based marketing probably promises a high percentage of exposure. Many ad services allow businesses to create mobile ads and launch them in third party mobile apps. Even Facebook allows small advertisers to create ads that often show up at Promotion pages. So, if you are a new business and want to reach a broader spectrum of customers all over the nation, Facebook ads will allow you to reach them.
  • In-game mobile marketing: These kinds of ads can either be a banner at the bottom of the screen, a full screen, or a video playing in between two screens. It is considered as the best mobile marketing strategy since many youths are now engaged in playing mobile games.
  • Location-based marketing: If you are a small business and looking for more exposure, location-based marketing is something that could help you. This mobile marketing strategy allows ads to appear on mobile devices based upon a user’s location. If a person visits a particular place, location-based marketing will help an ad pop-up on their mobile devices when they are within a one-mile radius of the area. This strategy is considered as one of the top 10 mobile marketing tips and has been popularized recently.

 Other mobile marketing techniques that generate sales.

  • SMS Marketing: Although SMS marketing has become a bit out-dated; however, for the older generation who are not familiar with the use of a smartphone, businesses target those people for SMS marketing. In such mobile marketing techniques, businesses can SMS their customers about offers via text messages or pop up messages.
  • Mobile search ads: While using the Google search engine, coming across an ad related to the subject is not uncommon. It happens because those are Google search ads, mainly designed for mobile devices. For example, let us suppose your business is based in India, and you gain the benefit of this app marketing strategy. When a person searches about India and certain words that are related to your business, chances are they would come across the ad at least once.


Small and big businesses are welcoming mobile marketing techniques to increase sales

Above are a few of the mobile marketing strategies, amongst many others. The more your business shows up on ads, the more customers it will attract to your business. However, as smooth and straightforward as it sounds, it is not. Many small and big companies around the world are using these strategies to attract customers and succeed as well. What is it that you are doing with your strategy that makes you the focal point of the audience’s attention?



Marketing ideas to attract sales

Doing mobile marketing is easy; however, following the right mobile marketing technique is what helps you grow as a business. In turn, it helps you in earning more sales than others. Here is a list of the top 10 mobile marketing tips we have compiled. It is for start-ups and small businesses around the globe looking for more exposure. It can also be implemented by the big companies looking to reach a wider range of customers to add to their existing strong client base.

1. Mobile-friendly site: As you consider mobile marketing to be a way to drive more sales, the first and foremost thing to remember is making the official website mobile friendly. If your website does not fit well with mobile devices’ screens, it will not make any sense to opt for mobile marketing. So creating a site that is compatible with mobile screens is the first step.


2. Mobile-friendly content:  No one cares enough to go through lengthy mobile posts about your business. Since mobile screens are small, keep your content short and engaging. Crisp sentences, witty words are what attract customers, and it is one of the most popular mobile marketing techniques. Use relevant pictures that fit the display of mobile devices.


3. Promote the brand with mobile ads: Probably one of the easiest yet tricky ways to reach a wider customer range is promoting your brand with mobile. You can reach a wide base of customers if your brand ad pops up at their social media accounts at the right time. Earn the benefits that mobile ads provide if you are a small business.


4. Google my business: If you are a small business, use the service by Google, ‘Google My Business.’ This will put your business on the local map. Every time someone Google a location near your business next time, this will help your business to appear on the Google map.


5. Check-in: When people check-in from your business in their social media accounts, it naturally drives more customers to your business. Encourage them to do so. It will increase your brand awareness among the locals.


6. Create a mobile app: For a small business, it might sound like too much work; however, creating mobile apps to keep up with app marketing ideas is the best way to grow as a business. People find it easier to navigate through a mobile app than a mobile website.


7. Add a personal touch: Never make your ads dull, with the same old monotonous posts when you are trying to reach a potential customer base. Make it interesting, engaging so that customers can connect with you on a personal level.

8. Understand your audience: For a business to be successful, understanding your audience is necessary. Interact with them, understand their needs and intent, create polls from time to time to know about their opinions.


9.SMS marketing: Quite outdated, but still works. SMS marketing may not be as fruitful as an app marketing strategy, but it still works, there is no denying that. Encourage them to visit your place, let them know about the discounts that you offer via SMS.


10. Analyze: For a business to work out at its best, analyze. One cannot stress enough about the importance of analyzing marketing ideas. It lets you discover what your audience likes and whatnot. Focus more on putting out a product that you know will attract larger and more customers. Forget everything you thought would work out but do not. Encourage the audience to spread the word about your business.


Final Words

These are only 10 mobile marketing tips that we have compiled. Mobile marketing techniques go beyond these ten tips and ideas. Businesses around the world are now opting for mobile marketing because of its convenience. It lets you reach the targeted group of a customer in no time when done right. For a small business to get recognition, this is how mobile marketing could be helpful.

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